2016 Events

An exhibition of the newest fan-created Anime Music Videos and a competition of editing skill, the winners of multiple categories will be decided by the audience. Run the gauntlet and vote your favorites to victory. A showcase of winners will be featured during Closing Ceremonies.

A film from the creative staff that produced "Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day", "The Anthem of the Heart" is an emotional tale of youth, music, and overcoming hardship. This theatrical screening will be presented with original Japanese voices and English subtitles.

Drama! Action! Suspense! The Cosplay Chess Show has it all. Each year at Tora-Con, this human chess match is performed by the RIT Cosplay Troupe. Follow the journey of your favorite characters from shows and games as they journey through the dangerous battle field of a chess board. Which side will emerge victorious?

Incredible costumes and spectacular skits take the stage at Tora-Con's annual Cosplay Contest. The skills of veterans and newcomers alike will be showcased through performance and craftsmanship. Experience Tora-Con's longest running event.

Watch this ridiculously entertaining work of improv fan fiction unfold as your favorite characters come together in this preposterous matchmaking game show.

It's the Cosplay Dating Game you know and love, but with all the filters removed! With crazy character matchmaking like this, anything can happen!

Powered by EDM and fueled by the finest game and anime tunes, DJs Ru and HJ present their signature rave. Get on the floor and show your moves!

An acapella group specializing in Japanese vocal music, Kaminari presents a concert showcasing hit anime songs.

Renowned Japanese musician and producer sasakure.UK presents a stunning concert of light and sound. Don't miss your chance to experience his debut North American performance!


The finalists of Tora-Idol sing live on stage for the grand finale of the competition. Performing their favorite Japanese songs, it's up to you to choose the winner.

Experience the spectacle of Wadaiko, Japanese performance drumming


Start your day by getting the briefing on what Tora-Con 2016 is going to be all about.


Have you got any questions to ask or comments to share with the staff of Tora-Con 2016? Let your voice be heard and get answers live. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


The official conclusion to Tora-Con 2016, join us for prizes, the reveal of contest winners, and exciting news about the future of Tora-Con.

Presented by S.T.A.R., RIT's premiere science fiction organization, take the bridge as an officer aboard a starship. Do you have what it takes to lead a crew and survive dangerous missions in uncharted space?

Curated by the RIT Electronic Gaming Society, Rochester Wargamer Association and Guild,and the Nine Gates Mahjong Club, stop by to experience a wide selection of board, video, and Japanese games.

Satiurday and Sunday

Tora-Con's premiere Maid Cafe presented by the RIT Asian Culture Society. A Japanese pop-cultural phenomenon, you can enjoy a selection of baked goods and beverages served to you by an entourage of maids and butlers.

Saturday and Sunday

View the entries and winners of the Tora-Con Mascot Art Contest.

Saturday and Sunday

Get a convention picture taken by the photography enthusiasts from RIT Photo House.

Hosted by the RIT Electronic Gaming Society, travel around Tora-Con and challenge eight gym leaders in the quest to become champion! Bring your strongest Pokemon team and be ready to battle.