2016 Panels

Panels and meetups are an important part of the Tora-Con community, and many are run by our enthusiastic attendees!

Panels come in many forms: informational talks, game shows, competitions, workshops, discussions, and more! Every year we accept a wide variety of panels and meetups covering different aspects of anime and geek culture. What are you interested in going to?

The author of 7th Moon and Red Ellen will discuss his work as well as self-publishing, anime influences, and Q&A.

Join Wendy in the ultimate Gravity Falls trivia game. Show off your knowledge of Disney's hit cartoon and win prizes!

In this panel we will go over the basics of AMV's and how to construct them. We will also discuss successful Anime Music Videos and talk about tricks of the trade. If you are an editor, or have ever wanted to try your hand at being one, this is the panel for you!

Do you know a lot of anime? Can you name them when they're flying at you at a mile a minute? Come to this live game show where two challengers go head-to-head to see who can name more shows from some of the greatest multi-anime AMVs around.

What makes anime anime? In this panel we will review the history of anime, examine its role in Japanese culture, and discuss its influence over other areas of both Japanese and international nerd culture.

It’s an _____________ panel where contestants from the audience will come up and _________ in the ________ with some random words. Once the words have been _________ we’ll insert them into the plot ________ from various animes/manga! Will __________ ever become the best _____________ in the world or will Team ___________ stop them in their tracks!? Come check out this brand new panel to find out!

Have you ever found yourself wanting an item from your favorite anime but find that you do not know where or how to search for that item? Do you think your local anime store does not carry the goods you want? Well I can show you some of the best websites and storefronts to buy anime goods from. This includes how to buy goods from Japanese websites that do not ship internationally, AKA getting a Japanese shipping account.

You can't be expected to watch everything, right? Well by that logic you probably have missed some great anime! Join Todd, an AMV editor, the head of video programming for several cons, and an anime fan for close to two decades, as he helps you find something new to watch!

Ever notice that sometimes characters in different fandoms are uncannily similar to one another? Us too, So what would happen if, instead of bringing together different characters in one fandom, we brought together characters from multiple fandoms based on the different tropes they represent? Well come find out and join us in this Q&A to see the different shenanigans that ensue and to learn just how these characters act when taken out of the universe they come from.

We're back again for another year. Last year was a blast, and this one will be too! Come and ask your favorite nation whatever your heart desires! Get ready for drama, romance, and... PASTA!

Want to know how I, Mettaton, am so fabulous? Or where Sans gets all his puns? Or even how Toriel learned the recipe to Butt pie! Well come join us in this amazingly fabulous panel and learn all about the undertales!

What makes a video game scary or addicting? What effects do video games have on human cognition? Find out the answers to these questions and more, as well as have a chance to ask your own in our panel. A demonstration on the psychophysiology of video games will be performed on volunteers.

A look at the beautiful art of capoeira in anime and video games.

Are you not sure how to train to be a competitive trainer? Do you not understand what Individual Values and Effort Values are? Are you tired of getting beaten in passerby battles and battle spots? Well I, Prof. Oak, am going to help teach you how to breed and train a Pokemon team that's fit for battle. At the end we'll even give you something to redeem as a starter that you can train to battle.

Learn the basics on how to work with various fabrics and building materials for costumes!

Join us for a discussion, speculation, and analysis on CW's "Arrowverse," based on the popular DC comics.

Curious what it's like to "pass away?" Have some questions need answering? Join Ciel, Jack Frost, and Death himself in a Q&A just for you!

The Disney Death Battles team is back to once again find the best Disney fighters. Audience-submitted matchups will have their weapons, armor, and skills analyzed to determine who would win in a death battle! Any Disney-owned property is fair game, so get ready to see your favorite classic Disney characters face off against the best of Star Wars, The Muppets, Gravity Falls, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and more!

Here at the Death Weapon Meister Academy we teach our students to be strong, courageous, and to work together as a team to fight Kishin souls and keep the world safe from the darkness that lurks. But today some of our students, and maybe a teacher or two, have taken time out of their busy scheduless to come and answer your questions about, well just about anything! Come and join us for fun, hi-jinks, and maybe a few surprise guests.

A Q&A with the wizards from the anime Fairy Tail!

Do you collect figures and want to meet new people who share the hobby? Do you want to get into figure collecting, but don't know where to start? Well you've come to the right place, because this will be an introduction for figure collecting! We will be discussing figure collecting, displaying, buying, and how to look out for bootlegs.

If you constantly struggle to find new anime to watch and don't know where to look then this panel is for you. This panel will give you a laundry list of resources and sites for you to find new anime that fits your tastes.

Do you like food? Do you like anime? Do you wish you could have some of the food you commonly see being eaten in anime? Well you can’t, because it is in the anime. However, almost all food you see in anime is actually based on real food or real recipes. I can show you some of the tools and methods to cooking your favorite anime food, as well as the best anime for teaching you good recipes and techniques.

Are you a furry? Do you just wanna know how to act while in a costume? Join us as we show you how to act in a fursuit!

Trivia and game playing pertaining to Homestuck.

After you eat Sushi in Japan, what's next? Japan offers many affordable eateries where locals eat cheaply. You just need to know what/where they are and how to order. This panel introduces casual eateries such as Izakaya, Yakitori, and noodle shops and key phrases/concepts to navigate the experience.

Learn how to spot bootlegs with the help of the folks from Hammergirl Anime! Detailed instructions on what to look for, both in dealers' rooms and online!

Is it H? Is it not? Come find out at the late (perverted) gameshow! Contestants will watch or listen to small anime clips and answer to the question, "Is it H?" Leave your innocence at the door.

Think you know all about the Japanese Classic Sailor Moon anime? Then come prove it! From the obvious questions to the more obscure this game is for fans of all ages! There will be 3 rounds during the panel and each round the winner will receive a Sailor Moon themed prize! In the name of the moon lets play!

Ever wanted to introduce your friends to anime but are worried they'll think you're a crazy lunatic? Well you should be, but we're here to help. Learn the ins and outs of showing anime to complete newbies, what to do, what super not to do, appropriate anime selections, and m̶a̶n̶y̶ several more!

Tea is ubiquitous in Japan, and so popular that the Coca-Cola company sells more bottled tea there than anything else. This panel is an overview of Japanese tea and tea culture - we’ll look at the many tea varieties and how they're made, provide some tips for selecting and brewing tea, and introduce other aspects such as tea ceremony.

Two editors compete live in a head-to-head competition to produce the greatest Anime Music Video. Before an active audience and with just TWO HOURS on the clock, only one editor can stand victorious.

Come join us for the Iron Cosplay! Where two teams of three only have 10 minutes to make a new cosplay from the supplies given to them PLUS one secret ingredient. So come enter the challenge, or just watch the shenanigans, to win! (Everyone has the chance to be a winner!)

Interested in planning a trip to Japan? We'll provide you with essential things to know, useful tips, and resources that will help you get there and have a great time!

The Winchesters are in town and are willing to share their legacy and knowledge with hunters-in-training. Have a problem with the creatures that go bump in the night? A case you can't crack? Don't miss out on a chance to meet with the experts and join the hunt with the cast from Supernatural.

Join award winning & international bestselling authors Nathan Squiers and Megan J. Parker as they discuss storytelling fundamentals and techniques at polishing your individual writing voice. The authors will go over the writing process from start to finish (including publishing tips & outlets).

Ever heard of Mahjong? Want to learn how to play Japanese Riichi Mahjong? Have you ever wanted to feel so cool or be as amazing as Saki, Koizumi, or Akagi? Then stop on by as we explain what the game is and how to play! If you have experience with the game and have some questions about gameplay feel free to stop on by and we'll answer them for you! Presented by the RIT Nine Gates Mahjong Club.

Sing along to your favorite anime songs! We'll have a library of thousands of J-Pop and anime songs, or you can bring your own. We can print or display lyrics if you need them. Participation with be on a "First come, first sing" basis- there will be a sign-up sheet. Some general guidelines on songs: 1) Japanese (J-Pop/J-Rock), anime, or game songs only 2) Less than six minutes in length per song, and 3) No explicit lyrical content. So stop by and try your hand- er, voice at karaoke!

Join RIT's Art House as they go through the basics of making an anime. Work together with the panelists as you both design the characters and create a plot for a fictional anime.

This year the Tora-Con AMV Contest was inundated with nearly a hundred entries, which meant that many great AMVs had to be turned away. Many of those AMVs were made by editors based right here in the Northeast! We wanted to highlight some of the locally-made AMVs that we received this year!

Learn to play Luck & Logic, Bushiroad's hot new card game! Free promo stuffs for attendees!

Learn the art of chainmail from members of the RIT Metalworks Club. A hands-on workshop! Tools and materials will be provided.

Ever since the smart phone was introduced to society, many users have poured their idle time into simple games made to pass time. Are these simple cash grabs or respectable titles? Come learn about the world of mobage gaming.

Your favorite Japanese male voice actor has most likely done their fair share of 18+ voice acting work. Learn about the wonderful world of Otome and BL drama CDs! Grace your ears listening to sensual and suggestive voice clips, while matching them to actors' iconic roles, and you could win some special prizes!

The classic game show returns for another year with an all new set of images! It’s simple: we show a screenshot from an anime, and the first person to guess it correctly wins a ticket! The more answers you get right, the more chances to win! We’ll have hundreds of screenshots and a special round or two. Everyone in the room can play so you could win a prize just by showing up!

Do you spend way too much time in the Dealers/Vendors room? Spent all of your money buying expensive anime figures online? Let’s put that good use! We’ll toss up an image of an officially licenses anime/manga product, you tell us what series it’s from! It’s like “Name that Anime Image” with a twist! Everyone in the room can play, and prizes will be awarded via raffle.

Theme songs are an awesome part of the anime experience, but just how well can you remember what you've heard? Identify songs from among hundreds of series faster than anyone else for prizes and musical glory!

An open discussion about Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, talking about anything from the 3 seasons of anime currently released, the manga, and any fan theories. Bring a love for Sebastian, Ciel, and the rest of the characters along with questions, discussion topics, and fun energy.

I'm sure you're interested in idols, who isn't? But, how in the world could a person learn their complex dances? We at OTONOKI STARS, a Love Live dance cover group, are here to show you just how easy it is to dance! We will be performing and demonstrating the dances of Bokura wa Ima no Naka de, Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE, and No Brand Girls. After we demonstrate the song we will show you how to perfect parts of that song! It's a perfect stepping stone for any dancer and any idol fan!

Come one come all to the Quiplash Extravaganza! Think you are funny? Well come and see if the audience agrees. There will be multiple themed based matches and matches where anything goes. And I mean ANYTHING. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

An improvised show like no other. Never before has mankind seen something so extraordinary. Bring your friends, parents, teachers, and everyone else you know!

The RWBY panel will have a character Q&A, along with truth or dare, puns, and RWBY trivia. There be RWBY merchandise for prizes!

Muse music start! Two special members of the school idol group Muse are here to teach you what it takes to be a school idol. Come ready to ask questions, have fun, and watch a special performance we prepared just in store for our fans!

Do you have an overwhelming urge to yell out that Picard is better than Kirk? Do you hate it when people forget who commanded the Battlestar Galactica? Do you want to know whether your favorite captain can come out on top? Then welcome to Sci-Fi Captain Battle Royale! As long as your character has a title of captain or you can justify in a single sentence how they fit in this Battle Royale, anyone can enter the arena. Characters are entered into a raffle and 8 will be picked for a brackets-styled competition (be prepared to give a description of said character).

Highlighting some of the most popular to the lesser-known free-to-play idol-based mobile games. Helpful tips for getting started and finding the right game(s). Both female and male idol games will be discussed.

It's time for SQUAD SQUABBLE! In this fun rendition of Family Feud we pit friends up against each other to answer all forms of nerdy questions!

Have you ever wanted to ask a gem a question so badly but just never seemed to get an answer? Well then today might just be your lucky day! Your host here, Sardonyx, will be holding a panel with the Crystal Gems and Home World Gems!

Discussing the future of Steven Universe.

Ever wanted to ask the party any question you wanted? Well here you can join the Symphonia crew for a wacky, joke filled panel where you can ask anything on your mind!

How well do you know Black Butler? Test your knowledge and show that you have what it takes to serve in the house of Phatomhive!

From conventions to major motion pictures, come see and discuss all the ways that fans (like you!) influence the world of media.

Would you like to learn about the amazing game series known as The Touhou Project? Would you like to discuss who the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo is? Then this panel is the one for you!!

This is an event that is not the cosplay contest. Who knows what we will discuss, or do, or dance to. There might be dancing, there might also not be dancing.

The Toonami Faithful Podcast Panel is hosted by Paul Pescrillo, the founder of ToonamiFaithful.com and a CO-Host on the Toonami Faithful Podcast. Join Paul as he talks about Toonami past and present as well as bring some surprises to the panel. Don't miss out.

It's a question old as time, or at least as old as the final frontier. After a look at brains, brawn, leadership skills, and overall badassery, we will determine which Star Trek captain reigns victorious!

Professor Verdigris Wetware, the Medical Superintendent of the Mechanicsburg Asylum for the Wrathful & Sullen and Consultant to the County Home for the Inconvenient, is pleased to present a collection of lovingly preserved and restored classical electro-medical devices for your edification and experience. While the violet ray devices, Electreat Mechanical Heart, Davis & Kidder Patent Magneto-Electric Machine, Auto-Kure Medical Battery, and Bunnel Faradic equipment are pretty well guaranteed not to cure your catarrh, phthisis, dropsy, hysteria, or neurasthenia; you are guaranteed to find interacting with them to be...stimulating. Those of you with Borg implants, implanted biomedical devices, or Dalek Servitor enhancements should be aware that these devices produce electrical stimulations and Tesla discharges refined to 19th century standards, and limit direct contact accordingly if required by your implants .

Ever wonder whether or not an anime/game can be considered fun and family friendly? Want to find out some possible suggestions that both your kids and your parents can enjoy? Trying to spend some time before you head to another panel? Tired of seeing all these questions? Then come on down and discover the secrets to your family-friendly entertainment.

Have you ever wondered how the many Muppet movies and shows tie into the same canon? Are you wondering now that we mentioned it? We'll be discussing it all, starting with the original show and moving right along all the way to the newest iteration. It's time to get things started!

Come and learn some of the weird urban legends of Japan. From the many bathroom legends to the human remains that were supposedly found in many buildings. All in all its going to be a fun time.

Learn to play Weiß Schwarz, Bushiroad's anime-vs.-anime card game! Free promo stuffs for attendees!

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there." -L.P. Hartley

The Victorian-era Asylums might not be exactly what you have been given to expect from their portrayal in film, folklore, and literature. Why did they come into existence? What did their founders think they would accomplish, and how? Who went there, and what did they do while there? And, can we learn anything from them of use to us today? Professor Verdigris Wetware, MS, MD, the Medical Superintendent of the Mechanicsburg Asylum will take you on a tour of the idea that was the Asylum.

Sci-fi nerds love to discuss what old sci-fi got right or wrong when predicting the world we live in today. This panel will instead look at what the future could hold. Sci-fi may not have gotten 2016 exactly right, but that doesn't mean there aren't exciting advancements just around the corner.

Are you a psychic? Do you know what will happen in an anime series before it happens? Let’s put that to the test! We’ll show you some clips from animes you’ve never heard of and give you 3 ridiculous answers. One of them is right and we’ll show what happens next! You might get it wrong, but hopefully you’ll laugh anyways. You’ll just have to watch and find out! Everyone in the audience can play along, so be sure to bring your friends!

Do you have the knowledge to know each Pokémon? Well now's your time to put it to the test. Join the professors again to test your Pokémon knowledge and earn a chance to win Pokémon themed prizé.

Welcome to "Whose Line Is It Anime?" where everything is made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like a Yamcha training scene in Dragon Ball Z. This panel will rely almost entirely on audience participation to improvise various scenes inspired by the show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" while throwing in an anime twist. Volunteer to act on stage or just sit back and enjoy the show, either way it should be a lot of fun!

In this team-based, Pokémon trivia game, we’ll ask a question with a numerical answer. Don’t know the answer? Then just put down a random guess! Then each team will wager their chips on the answers to win! To spice it up, you can also spend your chips to buy Pokémon to assist; just like the Game Corner! Prizes will be awarded to the winning team, and teams will be formed at the panel (no sign-up required!)

Join us in the Furry Fandom! Photo ops and hugs included :3

Come join Winter Breeze doing what they love most. Dancing. We will start off doing a few dances to warm up our audience (you), then it's up to you, the audience, to decide which one you'd want to learn. At the end we will have a portion where you can dance with us. It'll be easy breezy.

Anyone remember the Trash Can-el from last year? Well it's back again and ready to party! Don't remember it or weren't able to go? Then now's your chance! Join us for a laid back event - full of group chats about Homestuck, a game or two, maybe even art - that's more of a freestyle make-your-own than a scripted panel. So bring your friends, meet new friends, and get ready for a good time!

Like Steven Universe and have a cosplay from it? Want to meet others who do? Then come by to this meet up and take pictures with others of the like!

Take back the falls! Come to the Gravity Falls meetup to meet fellow Fallers, take pictures with other Gravity Falls cosplayers and be a part of the big group cosplay photo!