VOCAMERICA at Tora-Con 2017

VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project, is a fan-produced musical event sponsored by American music producer and aspiring voice actress EmpathP. The first of its kind to exclusively feature Western VOCALOIDS and Vocal synths, the project's virtual idols appear on stage via holographic projection with original songs and dances choreographed and animated by content creators from all over the world.

Below is a selection of songs in the concert filmed on site at Tora-Con 2017. Special thanks goes out to BSD Image Systems.

Check out VOCAMERICA at vocamerica.com

Song List in the highlight video (in order of appearance)

Make Good Noises (Intro)
Music and Lyrics by Kenji-B (nostraightanswer)
Tuning and Mixing by EmpathP

Music and Lyrics by CircusP

Music and Lyrics by CIRCRUSH (CircusP and Crusher-P)

Mastering by CircusP
Arranger, Illustrator, Lyricist by CrusherP 
Animator, Illustrator, Voice manipulator MystSaphyr

Witness (VOCAMERICA Mix)
Music and Lyrics by EmpathP

Echo (dj Jo remix)
Music and Lyrics by Crusher-P
Remix by dj Jo

Music by MJQ
Lyrics and Vocal Melody by EmpathP

The Earth's Final Confession (地球最後の告白を)
Tuning by CodyTailor
Mixing by EmpathP