2023 AMVs
  1. Shattered Psycho

Editor: SpuddStaaa

Audio: Burn the House Down by AJR

Video: Mob Psycho 100


  1. STAR WALKIN - Joestar AMV

Editor: Volcaic

Audio: Star Walkin' by Lil' Nas X

Video: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


  1. Slay the Slayers

Editor: Nuke

Audio: Black Veins by Adept

Video: Demon Slayer


  1. Praeter's Symphony

Editor: VAERYN

Audio: In Your Head by Rival x Cadmium (ft. Micah Martin)

Video: Project Scard


  1. Fire Force - Sentinel

Editor: Blue Rabbit Entertainment

Audio: Sentinel (Original Mix) by Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te

Video: Fire Force


  1. High Hopes For A Season -Action Category Winner & Judges’ Choice Winner-

Editor: SonsofKorhal9

Audio: High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco 

Video: Various

  1. Wunseirmein

Editor: UnluckyArtist

Audio: Dark Horse by Christina Grimmie

Video: Call of the Night


  1. Aggressive Years

Editor: Tyken

Audio: Selfish Years by Honestly

Video: Aggretsuko


  1. Times Like These

Editor: Synæsthesia Productions

Audio: Times Like These by Foo Fighters

Video: Summer Ghost


  1. Love Persevering -Romance Category Winner-

Editor: Anonymous

Audio: Lift Me Up by Rihanna

Video: Ride Your Wave


  1. Autumn

Editor: PiercedSky

Audio: All Too Well by Taylor Swift

Video: NANA


  1. Villain

Editor: Pyrothemusical

Audio: Villain by Stella Jang (English cover by nmngh)

Video: Call of the Night


  1. Summer Holiday -Upbeat Category Winner-

Editor: Lelani

Audio: Summer Days by Martin Garrix (ft. Macklemore & Patrick Stump)

Video: Polar Bear Cafe


  1. I Want a Girl

Editor: AMVunit03

Audio: Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake

Video: Cowboy Bebop


  1. Horsing Around

Editor: Always Drafts

Audio: Getting Along by Royal Republic

Video: Uma Musume, Umayon


  1. 5 Minutes To Save The World

Editor: ResyAMV

Audio: 4 Minutes by Madonna (ft. Justin Timberlake)

Video: Tiger & Bunny


  1. Bocchi the Video Star -Artistic Merit Winner-

Editor: F-Zero TV

Audio: Video Killed the Radio Star by Lolita no.18

Video: Bocchi the Rock


  1. Take Me With You -Best in Show Winner-

Editor: SonsofKorhal9

Audio: Cross My Heart by Marianas Trench

Video: Various


  1. Actual conversation between Koga and Inuyasha

Editor: Rider4Z

Audio: "Don't Talk to Strangers" skit by Max Forrest

Video: Inuyasha


  1. The Retired Yakuza

Editor: Nuke

Audio: Rubberbandman by Yello

Video: The Retired Yakuza


  1. Flying Purple Servant Eater

Editor: Mooncell Automaton

Audio: The Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley

Video: Fate/Stay Night


  1. Super Loid Bros -Comedy/Parody Category Winner & Editing Skills Winner-

Editor: SpuddStaaa

Audio: Super Mario Bros music & sound effects

Video: Spy x Family

  1. Left Outside Alone

Editor: Takeshi

Audio: Left Outside Alone by Anastacia

Video: Violet Evergarden


  1. Last Dance -Drama Category Winner- 

Editor: Lelani

Audio: Swan Lake (Epic Trailer Ver) by Hidden Citizens

Video: Dance Dance Danseur


  1. Tribute to the Shield

Editor: Speedy180

Audio: Face the Fire by Shangrii-La

Video:Shield Hero


  1. Battlefield Sleeps

Editor: VAERYN

Audio: Battlefield by SVRcina (NightcoreReality remix)

Video:What Do You Do at the End of the World?


  1. Koe no Katachi - Everything Will Be Okay

Editor: Blue Rabbit Entertainment

Audio: Everything Will Be Okay by Edward van der Merwe

Video: A Silent Voice


  1. Sad Trombone Noises

Editor: Troubleclef and SeanPNG

Audio: Running Up That Hill by Feed the Biirds

Video: Death Parade

  1. Together

Editor: Pyrothemusical

Audio: Tsukiyo no Ongakukai by Akiko Shikata

Video:Spy x Family


  1. Black Mamba

Editor: Athrun

Audio: Rise to the Top by Brawl Stars

Video:Kuroko's Basket


  1. The Sky Beast

Editor: SilkAMV

Audio: The Sea Beast Official Teaser

Video: Drifting Dragons


  1. Wings Out -Trailer/Other Category Winner-

Editor: Gestalt

Audio: Knives Out Trailer 1

Video: Umineko When They Cry


  1. Eren Yeager - The Founding Titan

Editor: ENITZ

Audio: Black Adam Official Trailer 2

Video: Attack on Titan


  1. Southern Fried Telenovela

Editor: drewaconclusion

Audio: A Recipe For Seduction Trailer

Video: Food War