Cosplay Rules

If a costume or outfit is found to be in violation of the rules described below, an attendee may be asked to cover up or change into a different outfit. An attendee may be denied entry to Tora-Con events, rooms, and buildings.

All attendees must have proper footwear. Entry into event rooms and buildings will be denied otherwise.

The following cosplay guidelines must be observed:

  • Any form of nudity is prohibited. Bathing suit areas must be covered.
    • Examples of clothing that are acceptable as long as you are fully covered: sports bras, muscle shirts, spanks, leggings, etc.
  • Costumes may not have exposed hard materials, including buy not limited to, metal and wood.
  • Hard materials may be used as a structural base for your costume and then must be covered in foam or soft padding of some sort to prevent injury to others. If your costume is deemed unsafe, you will be asked to change into a different outfit.
  • No sharp edges or points.
  • No free floating chains or trains more than a foot long. They must not be able to flail around.
  • Costumes must be able to fit through a door of standard heigh and width (~7.5 feet by 3 feet).
  • No part of your costume should obstruct the path of another attendee.

If your view is obstructed, please have a guide to direct you. Full face masks/headwear must be easily removable and we ask for them to be removed after leaving the convention area and duing badge pick-up.

If you and your costume require more than one seat in any event or panel room or obstructs the view of any other attendee, Tora-Con Staff may designate seating for you that causes the least disruption.

If you wish to take part in the Cosplay Contest, in addition to the rules above, you must adhere to the Tora-Con Cosplay Contest Rules found at

If you have any questions or concerns about your costume, you may email the Cosplay Coordinator at

If a prop, accessory, costume, or "special effect" is found to be in violation of the rules described below, an attendee may be escorted to their vehicle or off of RIT campus to put away said props. Props may also be confiscated by Tora-Con Staff. Repeated violations may result in ejection from the convention.

Prohibited items:

  • Guns or props that fire objects
  • Live steel weapons with edges such as knives or swords
  • Spray weapons such as mace
  • Projectile weapons such as bows, slingshots, Airsoft, or BB guns, including toys
  • Live flame, flash paper, sparkler, or strobes (sealed flashbulbs may be used if desired)
  • Electric weapons such as tasers or cattle prods
  • Aerial acrobatics
  • Live animals
  • Messy props such as confetti, flowers, foods, or liquids
  • Remote control devices
  • Signs soliciting goods and/or services such as "Free Hugs"
  • Non-firing toy weapons will be allowed only with peace bonding, or if they are orange tipped and can be identified as toys, even from a distance by an average citizen, and do not resemble real weapons. Such toy weapons must be approved by the Cosplay Coordinator as well. These will only be allowed during the Cosplay Contest itself and will not be allowed in the rest of the convention.

Props may use hard materials for structural purposes, but must be covered in soft material (such as fabric or foam) for safety purposes. Props made with plastic will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on size, material, and type.

Please note: New York State weapon and firearm laws are in effect and weapons will NOT be allowed in the ceonvetion proper. No exceptions.

All props must be put away after 9 PM EST. Any props found after will be confiscated regardless if it was deemed appropriate or not by Tora-Con Staff and RIT Public Safety. Tora-Con Staff is not responsible for any props or items confiscated by RIT Public Safety.

If your prop is to be confiscated, please remember to pick it up BEFORE you leave the convention.

If you are uncertain that a particular prop is acceptable, please contact the Cosplay Coordinator at with photos and a description of the prop.