Policies may change. If needed, our policies regarding COVID-19 may change per RIT's policies. Be sure to check back frequently. Provided is the link to RIT's COVID-19 response policies: https://www.rit.edu/ready/rit-safety-plan

To better protect the RIT community, large-scale indoor public events will have additional safety requirements (https://www.rit.edu/ready/event-safety-guidelines). Large-scale indoor public events are defined as any events that have the potential to host 400 people or more in one venue at one time and when non-RIT community members (local community, parents, alumni, athletics fans, etc.) are expected to be in attendance (event is marketed to the public). All attendees 5 years of age and older (including RIT faculty, staff, students, and their families) must provide proof of vaccination. The full guidelines are included in the RIT Safety Plan. Proof of vaccination and photo ID will be checked at badge pick up or day of event.

Tora-Con 2022 will be running on March 19th, 2022. The convention is normally a two-day con, but due to COVID-19 and restrictions placed on us by our university, Tora-Con 2022 will be a single day.

Tora-Con is located on the Rochester Institute of Technology campus in Rochester, New York.

There will be no day-of registration. Please preregister online if you plan on attending. Pre-registration will run until either badges sell out or until the date listed on the Pre-Registration page

To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all attending, our registration is normally capped at 2,700 Full Weekend, 300 Saturday-Only, and 300 Sunday-Only badges. For Tora-Con 2022, because we are downsizing to reduce the workload on our staff, registration will be capped at 1,500 Saturday badges.

We ask that you bring a form of valid photo ID when picking up your badge so we can confirm your identity.

Additionally, if you are planning on attending late-night 18+ events, you will need to present valid photo ID to confirm your age.

 Photo IDs include but are not limited to:

• Driver's License
• Driver's Permit
• Enhanced Driver's License
• Government issued ID card
• Passport
• School ID

Your photo ID will need to prove your age if you intend on attending late-night 18+ events. Credit/Debit cards are NOT a form of ID.

We recommend using Parking Lots D and E.
You can park in spots that are labeled as "Reserved Monday-Friday" for Tora-Con.
You do not need to acquire a visitor parking pass.
You can not park in the following spaces (unless you have the proper RIT permit):

  • Administration Spaces
  • 20 minute parking
  • Short Term parking
  • Visitor parking
  • Loading Bays, or unmarked spaces near such areas

(For additional information see the following: http://facilities.rit.edu/pats/parking/)

You can find a map of the RIT Campus here. Friday Night Badge pickup for Tora-Con will be in the Field House (GOR). Saturday and Sunday Badge pickup and general badge pickup will be in the same location.

Additionally, by the request of RIT Public Safety, there will be no use of the drop-off circle in front of the SAU. We recommend the use of Parking Lot D if you need to be dropped off and are looking for a meeting point.

There usually are several other events at RIT during the convention and it is expected that Parking Lot D will fill up early on Saturday morning. Please use Parking Lots E or F if Parking Lot D is full.

Tora-Con hosts a number of 18+ events targetting older attendees that are generally run later at night. All of these events are included with standard Tora-Con registration at no additional cost.

You will need to be able to provide valid photo ID proving that you are 18 or older to attend these events.

Events are distributed as evenly as possible across both Saturday and Sunday to give attendees the best opportunity to see guests and attend events. However, please not that 18+ events are only available during Saturday night because the convention ends in the evening on Sunday. Please note that changes to the schedule may be made at any time and that printed schedules are subject to change.

The schedule will be made available in the weeks leading up to the convention.

A variety of eateries and dining facilities will be open during the hours of the convention. There will also be food truck vendors listed in the before the day of the convention.

Please visit https://www.rit.edu/fa/diningservices/locations to view dining facilities available on RIT's campus.

Updates will be posted to the main page of this website as well as our various social media outlets. During the convention, we will be using the Attendify mobile app as well for our convention app.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for the latest updates!

RIT's public guest Wi-Fi network is called "RIT-Guest"
When accessing the public RIT Wi-Fi network, you will be prompted to provide your cell phone number for an authentication code (texting cost may occur).

There are no public computers available for use on the RIT campus.

Tora-Con and RIT are unable to provide any assistance connecting to the wireless network for your personal devices.

Tora-Con cannot guarantee interpreting services to all events. If you desire an interpreter to be at a specific panel or event, you will be responsible for requesting one yourself.

For help in making a request, please contact our communications coordinator at comms@ritanimeclub.org

Hotels in the vicinity of the Rochester-Henrietta area include but are not limited to: