Convention Rules

All visitors to the Rochester Institute of Technology campus must obey all local, NY state, and federal laws. Attendees are must also comply with RIT's rules and regulations, which can be reviewed at the following web addresses:

RIT Student Policy Library

RIT Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment

RIT Compliance Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct

Any behavior that disrupts the family-­friendly environment of the convention will be handled at the discretion of the Tora­Con Staff and RIT Public Safety. Consequences may range from warnings to ejection from the convention. Any behavior that threatens the safety of another person will be handled by RIT Public Safety and may result in criminal charges being filed.

Tora-­Con Staff and Volunteers are not responsible for any lost or missing items. Attendees will be directed to the Lost and Found located at Campus Center Information Desk if items are reported missing.

Attendees are expected to follow the instructions of the Tora­-Con Staff and Volunteers, RIT Public Safety, and uniformed officers.

Tora­-Con Staff and advisors will have final say on any rule violations. 

There will be no refunds for any registration. No exceptions.

No restricted substances, including cigarettes and alcohol, are allowed at Tora­-Con for the entirety of the convention.

Electronic Cigarettes are not permitted indoors on RIT campus.

Smoking is permitted in designated areas on RIT campus. Please respect your fellow attendees and use those areas.

Homemade food may not be sold or given away at the convention. Anyone found doing this will have the items confiscated and given a warning. This is to protect all convention attendees’ health and safety.

We recommend only purchasing food at fully licensed and pre-approved food vendors while in the convention areas. 

Anyone under 18 is considered a Minor and must be accompanied by a Supervising Guardian 18 years old or over. A Supervising Guardian must also purchase a badge separately to accompany the Minor during the convention. Please check our Attendee Registration page for more details on Minor and Supervising Guardian Badges.

Some panels and events may be restricted to attendees age 18 or older at the time of the convention. To gain entry to these panels and events, please have valid photo identification that clearly states the date of birth. You will be asked for your identification prior to entry.

To gain entry into any event or room at Tora-­Con, attendees are required to have their badges worn and easily visible. A Tora-­Con Volunteer or Staff will be checking badges at the entrance to every room. If you do not have a badge for any reason, you will be directed to a location where you can obtain another one. 

Attendees will not be allowed into an event room until the scheduled time of the event.
No attendees will be allowed in a room once capacity has been reached. If an attendee needs to leave a room which is already full, they may not re-enter the room. 
A limited number of events may be simulcast to other rooms, but is not guaranteed.
All rooms will be cleared after each event. Attendees may not wait in a room after an event has ended.
There is no reserved or saved seating for attendees in any room at the convention. Seating may be designated for those with disabilities such as the hearing or visually impaired.
If your costume is large and may block the view for other attendees, please position yourself towards the sides or back of the room. Tora-Con Staff or Volunteers may direct you to a seat if the event will fill the entire room; please follow their directions.
Please clean up after yourselves after you leave an event.

Attendees may not start lining up more than an hour before an event. Tora-Con Staff and Volunteers will break up and reform the lines at their discretion.

There is no sitting in walkways or on stairs.  

Go to the bathroom and eat food BEFORE you line up. If you leave a line, you must re-enter at the back of the line. 

You may not save a spot for a friend or group. Violators will be sent to the end of the line. No exceptions. 

Lines are single-file only. No large groups may stand together in line. Lines will be in hallways, which must stay clear for your safety in the event of an emergency.

In case of a full event, Tora-con Staff and Volunteers may direct you to a simulcast room.

Tora-Con Staff reserves the right to make on-site decisions about lines and events in order to accommodate the specific location at that specific time (doorways, halls, traffic, etc.)

You may bring two items for signing per guest in that signing session.

  • Example: If there are two voice actiors in a signing session, you may bring in four items total. However, each guest will ONLY sign two each
  • Only officially licensed products and Tora-Con conbooks and badges are approved items for any autograph session.

When it is your turn, get your item(s) signed, take your photo (if allowed), and move on.​

  • Only one photo per trip through the line per guest is allowed
  • Tora-Con Staff reserves the right to deny photos at any time in order to move the line along
  • NOTE: There will be NO photos allowed in the last 30 minutes of any session in order to maximize the number of people we can accomodate.
  • Depending on the guest and timing there may be a separate signing session designated for photos only. Please check your schedule for when the times are.

There is to be no loitering around the guests during signing sessions. If you have questions please save them for the guest panels.


Tora-Con Staff reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time in order to adjust to current situations.

There is no reserved or saved seating in any room at the convention. If your costume is larger and may block the view for other attendees, please position yourself towards the sides or back of the room. Tora-­Con Staff or Volunteers may direct you to a seat if the event will fill the entire room; please follow their directions. All rooms will be cleared after each event and there is never any sitting in a walkway or on stairs. Please clean up and do not leave garbage at any event.

Staff and volunteers will do their best to accommodate any attendees with particular needs (i.e., physically handicapped).

Tora-Con does not allow harassment of any kind including but not limited to:

  • Verbal harassment such as name calling, jeering, threats or insults
  • Physical harassment such as hitting or throwing objects at another person
  • Sexual harassment such as touching, invasive photographing, or making unwelcome sexual advances toward another person without their permission.

Violations will result in RIT Public Safety being called and criminal charges may be filed.

Tora-Con attendees grant permission to be photographed or recorded by authorized members of the Tora-Con Staff for promotional purposes.
Attendees may photograph or video record events at Tora-Con unless otherwise directed at specific events and panels. Signs will be posted at room entrances prohibiting photography and recording.
All photography and video recording is prohibited during showings.
It is common courtesy to ask for permission before taking photos and/or videos of other attendees. Respect your fellow attendees and  ask before you photograph or record others.