Compete in a Tora-Con contest for prizes and glory!

Cosplay Contest

Show off your cosplay skills on the big stage. Dress up as a favorite character, show off your crafting abilities, or put on a stunning performance to dazzle the audience and our panel of judges.

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AMV Contest

Create an awesome Anime Music Video and compete for top honors in our AMV showcase.

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Mascot Art Contest

Show off your artistic talent and create a masterpiece featuring our mascots! All submissions will be displayed in a public showcase during the weekend of the convention for all to see.

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Idol Singing Contest

Perform your favorite Japanese songs live on stage at Tora-Con for prizes and the title of Tora-Idol!

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Iron Editor

Video editors compete to produce an anime music video within a time limit and using only the footage provided to them. In addition to watching the editors battle it out and voting for the winning AMV, there are audience participation opportunities with chances for prizes!

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