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What is an AMV?
An anime music video, or AMV, is a short video in which an editor takes clips from one or more anime and sets them to music. Anime fans have been making AMVs for decades.

AMVs span many genres and can be exciting, thrilling, heart-warming, romantic, dramatic, scary, mysterious, funny, etc. Some AMVs might make you look at a familiar anime in a new way, or make you interested in watching a new anime. Some AMVs may be made to parody real movie trailers or commercials.

AMVs are usually quite time-consuming to create. AMVs use many video editing techniques such as lip-synching, story telling, and special effects.

Check out our finalists from last year's contest to see some great AMVs for yourself!

What is the AMV Contest?
The Tora-Con AMV Contest is a competition in which editors send us their AMVs in hopes of earning the title of "Best in Show" or one of the many other contest awards.

Each year, we receive dozens of entries to the contest. Tora-Con judges will choose the finalists, and our attendees will choose which finalists are the winners! Come to the AMV Contest during Tora-Con to watch all of the finalists and vote for your favorites!

How to I enter the contest?
First, read the contest rules carefully! There are many requirements for an AMV to be accepted into the contest. Then create your AMV and enter it into the contest using the "AMV Contest Entry" link below.


Please contact our AMV Contest Coordinator if you have any questions.

AMV Contest entries have closed.



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