Mascot Art Contest - Coming Soon!

The Tora-Con art contest is a great way to show off your artistic skill. Now’s your chance to draw your favorite mascots and win a prize! Draw any number of the four Tora-Con mascots. One winner and two runners-up will be selected.

Please contact our Art Contest Coordinator if you have any questions.

Rules & Registration

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The contest entry deadline is Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 11:59:59pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).


Email our Art Contest Coordinator using the email provided in the Art Contest Rules document.

Art of Tora Con Mascots by 2023 Mascot Art Contest winner: Lucifer King (


Here is some background information about the lives and personalities of our mascots to help you come up with ideas for your art submissions!

  • Species: Bengal Tiger

  • Aspect: Art & Animation

  • Appearance: Kyou is meant to look like a typical shounen protagonist. His main color is orange, accented with yellow, red, and black. He wears a pair of goggles that double as a headband. He wears a tight yellow tanktop with a dog tag necklace, and black/red leggings underneath dark gray pants. His shoes are slightly too big for his feet as well. Kyou’s hair is orange and red, with dark red eyes. His body shape is boxy and lean.

  • Personality: Kyou is the most genki of the four mascots, easily comparable to your run of the mill shonen protagonist. He loves to draw and create and isn’t afraid to get messy. It’s not uncommon to see him covered in paint splatters.

  • Traits: Artistic, rowdy, outgoing

  • Likes: Shounen series, art, hot weather, snacks

  • Dislikes: Drawing on the wrong layer

  • Species: White Tiger

  • Aspect: Manga & Literature

  • Appearance: Based on the white tiger, her features include white ears and tail. Kaede is a huge fan of accessorizing, and always wears cute clothing. Her main colors are shades of blue with white, purple, and pink accents. She wears a waist-high, blue plaid skirt held up by a belt with a pouch attached. Her favorite accessories include a choker with a cat bell, bracelets, and a pin attached to her shirt. Kaede has purple-rimmed glasses that she can’t see without, and prefers them to contact lenses. She enjoys matching her cute skirts with equally cute thigh-high leggings. Her body type is short and round.

  • Personality: A brilliant bookworm, Kaede is incredibly smart. She can often be found reading manga or surfing the web. By no means is she outgoing but she’s a sweetheart once she warms up to you.

  • Traits: Sweet, quiet, incredibly smart

  • Likes: Magical girls, old manga, writing fanfiction

  • Dislikes: Loud noises, being told she looks better without glasses

  • Species: Golden Tiger

  • Aspect: Athletics & Fashion

  • Appearance: Saki is an expert at combining sports and fashion; she always looks good while riding her longboard! Her main color is pink, accented by purple and black. Saki likes to wear makeup that accents her freckles with purple eyeshadow, and likes trying new hair styles all the time. She wears a pink crop-top and shorts that show off her strong legs, with a wrap around her waist that features the Tora-Con logo. She wears tall lace-up shoes and fingerless gloves. Saki owns an ita-bag that she decorates with pins from her favorite anime. Her build is slightly muscular with tight curves.

  • Personality: Saki is an all around rough and tough kind of girl but that doesn’t keep her from embracing her fashionable side. She can become a bit rowdy at times yet she’s always down to get dolled up.

  • Traits: Athletic, fashionable, optimistic

  • Likes: Sports anime, longboarding, shopping, collecting pins

  • Dislikes Being touched without permission, cowards

  • Species: Maltese Tiger

  • Aspect: Music & Video Games

  • Appearance: Like Kaede, Sugi’s fur is white with black stripes. Sugi has a unique sense of style. He wears a mech pilot suit underneath a jacket and baggy pants. His main color is dark green, accented with light green and black. Sugi always appears ready for action, wearing a headband and combat boots. His hair is black and green, often accompanied by some scruff on his chin, giving him an older appearance. He also has an earring on his right ear, and a mole under his left eye. Contrary to Kaede, Sugi only wears contacts with unique coloring such as bright blue or purple, and none of the other mascots even know what his real eye color is! His body shape is triangular and muscular.

  • Personality: Sugi has all the traits of your typical pretty boy, yet he fails to be aware of any of it. This leads him to be a bit awkward at times- especially when taking compliments. He is always serious when it comes to his DJing.

  • Traits: Looks cool, actually kind of awkward

  • Likes: Mech anime, electronic music, video games, warm clothes

  • Dislikes: Competitive people, mornings, horror genre