Cosplay Lip Sync Contest


What is the Lip Sync contest?

Tora-Con's Cosplay Lip Sync is a bracket-structure competition where contestants move on based on audience choice. Contestants lip sync to an approved clip of music, while the host or hosts provide introductions and humorous commentary. The event is slated to happen in Sunday afternoon and to celebrate its grand opening, the event will feature a special guest. Stay tuned to find out who they are!



8 contestants and 2 backups will be chosen through audition forms. The event itself will have a pair of MC’s to open with their own number, and then they will introduce the contestants at the start of the battles. Two contestants will perform separately, then they will be brought out on stage for the audience to cheer for who should move forward. This will repeat for the bottom tier (4 matches, 8 performances, 2 minutes max each), then winners will compete in the semi-final (2 matches, 4 performances, 2 minutes max each), and there will be a single match finale. The finale match will feature a slightly longer performance from each contestant (1 match, 2 performances, 5 minutes max each). Any needed tie breakers will use a roughly one minute pre-selected clip and will be performed by both contestants at the same time.


How do I enter the contest?

First, read the contest rules carefully before submitting your audition form! If you submit something that does not align with the rules, it may disqualify your application. The rules are available on the audition form itself.



The contest entry deadline is Saturday, February 29th, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).



Rules & Entry

The deadline for Tora-Con 2020 Cosplay Lip Sync Contest has passed.