18+ Panels

Host:  Brandon H.

Cohost:  Jacob Wolf, Jodie Urbanski

Genre:  Information/Discussion

Come one, come all for a New Game+ of talking our bad JoJo tastes. Now with more characters, more people to tell you your characters are dumb, and more sass.

Host:  Con Mom & Larp Dad

Genre:  Gameshow

Would you like a companion? Looking to find that special someone? Just want some laughs and fun? Come join us at the 18+ Cosplay Dating Game!

Host:  devilishbutterflycosplay

Genre: Other

Do you enjoy watching characters spam special moves and absolutely beat the snot of their opponents? What about betting on whether Jerma or Ultimate Ronald McDonald could win? Join us at our panel for a good time!

Host:  Diana Knowlton

Genre:  Information/Discussion

Learn about Genshin Impact's Elements as personality types and discuss how they apply to shipping and romantic compatibility!

Host:  Hannah

Genre:  Meetup

Time to channel your inner Layla and attend this slumber party themed Genshin Impact meetup. Materials for friendship bracelets will be provided.

Host:  iadontknow

Genre:  Other

Join in for 60 minutes of bad MS paint art of your favorite (or most hated) anime characters. You draw the anime characters and we try to figure out who it is. Prizes for participation. Warning: images drawn may ruin eye and destroy innocence, this panel is not responsible for damages.

Host:  jamscrtcl

Genre:  Information/Discussion

Uh oh! Edelgard's committed several war crimes. Follow Hilda as a prosecutor through a courtroom comedy analyzing the Fire Emblem series and its violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Host:  Joe Porsella

Genre:  Gameshow

Join us for Blood on the Clocktower, a bluffing game enjoyed by 5 to 20 players on opposing teams of Good and Evil and overseen by a Storyteller who conducts the action and makes crucial decisions.

Host:  Kitty, Apollo, and Alex

Genre:  Q&A

Come join us as we play games, ask questions, and talk about all the things you never thought you wanted to know about One Piece. Spoilers ahoy!

Host:  L-Dragon

Genre:  Gameshow

Identify the H is back after a hiatus! Go head to head against fellow degenerates in this fun game show packed with lewd content. We'll be running multiple rounds cycling through contestants and each round will have fascinating prizes!

Host:  Marshmallow

Genre:  Information/Discussion

Come learn what furries do when the lights go out.

Host:  Mira

Genre:  Information/Discussion

Do you like Tokusatsu? Do you like Magical Girls? Do you like J-Rock? If so, come join an introduction and beginners guide to Symphogear's world, characters, and themes!

Host:  RamMawz

Genre:  Other

What do Fidget Spinners, Toilet Paper, Keanu Reeves all have in common? They're all extremely dateable! Come join us as we explore the world of dating sims.

Host:  Riss

Genre:  Q&A

Fighting demons isn't only a dangerous effort, but an exhausting one as well! Aided by the hospitality of the Wisteria Mansion, join veterans of the Demon Slayer Corps as they rest and recharge. DIY spa treatments, beauty hacks, gossip, games, and goofiness galore! We hope to ensure our fellow slayers are well-rested and invigorated for the next mission!

Host:  Ryan

Genre:  Information/Discussion

You may know about the time Dr. Eggman blew up the moon or when Sonic became a Werehog. But do you know about the time Knuckles turned green for a year as part of a religious allegory or that Dr. Eggman is actually Dr. Robotnik from an alternate timeline occupying an android body? If you don't, come learn about the weird and wonderful world of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog as we unravel years of strange stories and one infamous man.

Host:  Ryan Spencer

Genre:  Other

Does reading terrible fan-fiction sounds like a good time to you? Well what about reading it, getting candy, and having someone else continue where you left off? If you want to reconsider whether people should be allowed to write things down, come on by!