Artists Alley

Creator and owner of Bags that Bite, Tina Pallace has been making faux fur bags for every occasion with hand painted eyes and foam teeth since 2007. Find the perfect monster bag for your needs - whether it be a dice bag of devouring, a backpack, fanny pack or crossbody bag- all with unique character.

Instagram - @bagsthatbite
Facebook - BagsThatBite

Need a bit of luck in life? Come get a specially made Omamori for all your needs.


Ohio-based artist who sells prints, linoblock prints, bookmarks, pins, magnets, stickers, washi tape, and notepads. Also really likes garbage plates. Cheeseburger, specifically.

Instagram - @caffeinatedrabbitart

Hi! I'm Liz, a cartoonist from New Jersey! I sell various products from a variety of cartoons and video games including prints, stickers, keychains, buttons and pins! I look forward to meeting you all!

Twitter - @DoughnutDoodles
Instagram - @doughnutdoodlesart

Eternally Thirsty is here to supply you with cosplay and costuming accessories! Horned headdresses, articulated wings, goggles, gas masks, wigs and more!

Facebook - eternallythirsty

Fantasy Fox Creations is your one-stop-shop for all things cuddly and cute! Find a wide range if crochet plushies available in multiple sizes, all the way from tiny 3" keychains up to large 24" stuffies. Both original designs and fanart of some if your favorite video game and anime characters can be found here in the form of crochet plushies, stickers, buttons and more. Commissions of any kind are always welcome!


We have a variety of handmade, customizable and usable plushie products all of which come in a variety of patterns and colors! We are best known for our Accessorizable Octopi, our Ouchie the octopus (a heat/ice pack), our giant heating pad manta rays, heat wrap eels, our plush cacti and cactupi, and our cosplay cuties which are octopi dressed as your favorite characters! Looking for something completely custom? We’ve got you covered! You can choose accessories for your plush and we will sew them on right then!

Soft. Cute. Yours.

Instagram - @fleecimals
Facebook - Fleecimals

Prints, Vinyl Prints, Charms, Pillow, art book, commission.

Twitter - @freezeex

Ex-sandwich artist, now just a regular artist! Freelance illustrator who loves worldbuilding; selling prints, stickers, pins and issues #1 and #2 of my original fantasy-adventure comic Monkey and Peach.

Instagram - @hammlingu
Twitter - @hammlingu
DeviantArt - hammling

Happy Whip is a studio of two artists who specialize in original art. We have a varied and diverse offering of items with a focus on male characters/otome content. We create enamel pins, screen print shirts, acrylic charms/pins, prints, and zines of our original characters. We create some small fan-made items such as buttons, acrylic charms, and plush. We offer at the table commissions.


We have Poster prints ranging from sizes 12x18 - 20x30 in size, Acrylic Charms, Stickers, playmats and sketchbooks. All art is original FanArt from niche to popular anime and game series!


Hello! I sell a variety of fanart charms and posters of a bunch of different media, including Monster Hunter, Genshin Impact, YGO, Pokemon, and Persona/SMT!


Original fantasy and fanart works featuring mostly pretty boys. Prints, buttons, soft plush pillows, keychains and more!

Twitter - @LanaluuArt
Etsy - LanaluuDesigns

Hello! My small business consists of original art and fanarts of my favorite animes/video games! I enjoy creating various art prints, Canvas Paintings, Stickers, Vinyl Decals, Shrinky Dink Keychains and hand painted Acrylic charms, and Custom Made Tie Dye T-shirts of different sizes/colors/and themes. I plan to sell a tiny bit of everything! Hope to see you around! ~Luna

Instagram - @Lunitas_Arts

Makotoffee sells prints/posters, keychains, stickers, acrylic character stands, pins, and misc. accessories of anime fanart and original works! Featured fanart works include: Evangelion, CardCaptor Sakura, and Genshin Impact.

Twitter - @makotoffee
Instagram - @makotoffee

Hi! My name is Sarah and Maruchibs-art is a little adventure i started back in 2018 to make fanart i wanted to see in the world (and to help pay for college things a little ^^;) I mainly specialize in digital art but i do some traditional pieces from time to time. I love to make art inspired by my favorite anime and videogames with a little bit of dungeons and dragons mixed in! I hope my art can make people as happy as it makes me!

Etsy - Maruchibs
Instagram - @maruchibs_art
Twitter - @Maru_chibs

We are a small Independent apparel and accessory company based out of New York City! We sell adorable and unique products inspired by our love of anime and manga as well as jfashion and kawaii culture! We love to incorporate popular anime trends and motifs into our designs and are inspired every day by the kawaii community. We hope that you can find items that suit your wardrobe and enhance your everyday style in our shop!


Come all to Mystic Craft Studios; a place with adorable crafts and illustrates. From plushies to pins to totes to stickers to keychains, there is something for everyone here! Any and all support is super appreciated and thank you for following me on my journey to be come an independent artist and full-time maker.



Hello! I'm Enaki and I run n4391 Goods! I'm a freelance illustrator based in NY and I love drawing and designing merchandise! I'm inspired by various media like videogames and anime.

Twitter - @n4391
Instagram - @n_4391

I make a wide variety of laser-cut wood and acrylic items, including music boxes, candle holders, boxes, notebooks, dice, and dice boxes. I also make jewelry, including acrylic chibi charms, engraved wood, and other fun styles.



Fanart prints mostly with some charms, stickers, zines, and other fun products. PS- Please read Berserk.

I am a mixed media artist who works primarily with resin, polymer clay, and perler beads. I offer a variety of jewelry, accessories, props, decorations, and functional decor from both beloved fandoms and my own original style. I offer commissions for all my mediums and have been selling the artist alley community since 2010.

Etsy - saintastra

Hi there! I'm Seth and I create art of various anime/video games/cartoons and put it on stuff like charms, acrylic standees, stickers prints and more! I have a focus on LGBT couples throughout various series!

Instagram - @sethjaredart

SpookyZap provides fun and unique merchandise to sport off love for your favorite characters from popular anime and media. We carry character-focused art of your faves as well as originals in the form of enamel pins, prints, keychains, and more!

Instagram - @spookyzap

Toku Arts sells a variety of Kaiju and original creature flair including dragons, dinosaurs, frogs, and more! With hundreds of enamel pin designs and tons of stickers and washi, you're bound to find the perfect accessory or gift.

TikTok - @tokuarts
Instagram - @tokuarts
Patreon - Tokuarts

Hi! I'm Bunniikitty, resin crafter and illustrator, Owner of XXTRApastel_shop on Instagram and Etsy! I design unique premium handmade accessories all inspired by Japanese Pop culture, Video Games, Alternative Kawaii Fashion and some Witchy Fashionable Statement jewelry. I also sell my illustrations in various forms of merchandise such as prints keychains, bookmarks and stickers!

Instagram - @xxtrapastel_shop

Freelance artist and former comic book colorist for Udon entertainment's Street Fighter Comics, and Illustrator for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder series. I will be carrying a variety of anime and video game prints, keychains, enamel pins. Hope to see you all at the convention!

Instagram - yanimatorart

I'm an artist who loves to do bright, colorful illustrations of anime and games! If you enjoy things that are cute and creepy then we will definitely get along!


Twitter - @zensoko
Instagram - @zensoko