Artists Alley

I am an artist, cosplayer, and mug maker hailing from New Jersey. I travel to local conventions as 0.9 Lives Studio, creating watercolor illustrations and digital paintings. My specialty is crafting unique ceramic mugs that I personally hand-press with my own original artwork. I sell a variety of different mug styles and sizes, such a metallic mugs and mugs that come with little spoons!

A2Z Illustration sells prints, stickers, acrylic charms, buttons, lanyards, and pencil bags of both original work and fan art of popular movies, games, and anime.

I draw fan art from different shows and games that I am a fan of as well as my own originals. I'm currently working on a monster/demon series and have had many characters I've created sold at a few shows. I make buttons and charms with said artwork and a few tote bags.

Unique bags made with fabric, fake fur, eyes and teeth. All designs are original and use fake fur, foam teeth and hand painted eyes.

Handmade, screen-printed fan art and original products including tote bags and T-shirts.

Charms, prints, buttons, acrylic standees.

I'm an artist and musician. I sell prints and posters. If I have time between then and now, I may also sell stickers of the characters in my art pieces.

Buttons, prints, art commissions, keychains, and pixel charms.

Cinnamon Witches is a two person studio of best friends. We create fanmade illustrations of the series we love and are inspired by!

I will be selling mostly fan art and offering on-site commissions as well as some of my own personal works.

Our main products are handmade, original design ita bags in two sizes to beautifully display your merch without the fear of losing it!  We also have a variety of nerdy plushies, accessories, and traditional, original artwork on buttons and prints.

I illustrate original works, commissioned works, and fan works of many different anime series and will be selling prints, stickers, and charms. I draw in digital format but also sketch using pencils, ink, and charcoal.

Empurror Art sells pins, charms, posters, and stickers of popular anime with a slight focus on Pokémon. I also sell custom pencil and ink commissions of any character requested.

ET’s Designs is a family collaboration. ET is the artist who makes all the prints, buttons, charms and other items. Their mom manages the business as well as crafts flower crowns and upcycled cork jewelry. Together, they travel around the east coast to anime conventions selling art, as well as taking onsite/offsite commissions.

Gothic, steampunk, and cosplay accessories.

Posters and prints, acrylic charms, lanyards, small pencil pouches, and washi tapes. Contents of merchandise include fan art and original art drawn and made by FalseDelusion.

I am a freelance artist who sells fan art and original art prints, as well as on-site commissions.

Stuffed animal plush decor; we sell an assortment of stuffed animals and plush decor; including but not limited to octopi, squids, cacti that don't die, elephants, Ouchie the Octopus, eggplants, fried eggs, avocados, clams, nerdy and character accessories aka plushie cosplays.

I’m an single selling artist making multifandom and original merch. Merch ranges from buttons, stickers (including sticker sheets and sets), keychains, enamel pins, shirts, and prints to one stocked items such as original paintings, handmade brooches, and on-the-spot commissions, all made by me! I sell online at Etsy and at a couple of cons in the east coast under the Gendakiwi name while working on a illustration degree.

GogoUtori Art works in both digital and traditional mediums to create prints, keychains, buttons, and stickers for various fandoms and original art. I also do on-site commission requests in both digital and traditional mediums. I try to have a little something for everyone at my table, from the 12y/o kid at their first con with only a few bucks to spend to your long time con goer looking for niche fandoms and something different. At Tora-Con, I would be selling prints, buttons, keychain charms, and commissions.

We offer cute prints, stickers, zines, acrylic charms, and buttons of things we love! And at-table commissions!

I am an illustrator who will be selling both fan art and original work from anime, comics, and pop culture.

Mix of fandom/original. Prints, pillow/cushion plushies, keychains and etc of your anime waifu/husbandos.

Originals, prints, custom artwork, handbound books and other paper goods with an elegant, victorian meets anime artwork style.

Inomnom peddles deliciously silly things in the forms of art prints, enamel pins, stickers and pouches of food, video games, and pop culture!

My name is Keeper of Ages and I am a sci-fi fantasy illustrator who loves painting mythical creatures and original characters and alien entities- some from my personal story projects! My illustrations are made into a variety of items, including prints, bookmarks, stickers, buttons, jewelry, and charms. Additionally, I create custom faerie dragon plushies of my own design!

I sell original art and fan art, keychains, lanyards, prints, stickers, etc.

I’ll be selling fan art, prints, mini prints, stickers, and charms.

Prints and poster anime styled original and fan art.

Original and fan art works as art prints, enamel pins, acrylic charms and stands.

Mintandapple started as a tiny table at an anime convention, selling small prints and laminated paper keychains. Over the years, I’ve nurtured and grown it into a platform for me to realize illustrations and products that previously only existed as doodles in my sketchbook. I draw a lot of influence from Japanese fairy kei and lolita fashion; not only has it managed to fill up my closet, but also my art. And of course, my own bunnies are a large source of my inspiration as well. We produce designs considering the final products in mind; as a result, each illustration in our shop is uniquely tailored to the product it embodies. I hope that you find our designs as aesthetically pleasing and kawaii as we do.

We create crochet plushies, called amigurumi, of favorite characters and original characters.  They are large and small, some keychained and some with poseable pieces. We also design a few stickers, buttons, posters, and magnets.

I will be providing both original and fan made items that include acrylic charms, buttons, enamel pins, pillows, holographic prints, washi tape and stickers! We strive to create high quality merchandise and of different, unique varieties!

I sell original and fanwork in multiple mediums and make/customize most of it from home.

I'm am an illustrator that focuses on mostly 2D printed materials.

New this year, I make laser-cut wood and acrylic products, including small gift boxes, candle holders, music boxes, mirrors, coasters, dice boxes, wooden and acrylic dice, and more. These feature a variety of designs including my chibi drawings of anime characters. I also still create a wide variety of jewelry, including anime charms, steampunk, chainmail, and other fun designs.

Nina is an illustrator who sells prints of original art and fan art.

Prints, charms, buttons, notebooks, tote bags, on-site drawing commissions, plush pillows.

We sell handmade original and fandom plushies, fandom and funny buttons and furry tails, ears, and fursuits!

Cryptozoology and Monster inspired artwork.

ANIME!! :D I have illustrations for these fandoms: BNHA, BTS, P5, MP100, SSB, Jojo, HxH and some scattered series here and there.

First conceived in 1974, the Art House was the very first special interest group on RIT campus.

For those interested in the finer art of metalworking, the RIT Metalworks Club offers an open forum.

Sleepy Sheepie Creations offers individually handmade kawaii fashion and fandom related accessories.

I provide adorable, colorful, fun and tasteful [...] fan-goods and original comics. My specialties include extremely cute animal drawings and pin-ups of superheroes.

Hand sewn lolita clothing and hair accessories made of high quality fabrics and in a variety of sizes.

Handmade goods for all ages.

I am an illustrator and painter, and I will be selling fan art merch from BNHA, Banana Fish and BTS. Some original prints and zines are available as well.

Fan art prints from a variety of video games and anime series. Arcyclic 2" keychain done in a chibi style, and custom fan art lanyards.

I enjoy painting shoujo and shounen ai material, and make prints/merch of soft boys.

I’ll be selling fan art, prints, mini prints, stickers, and charms.