Artists Alley

Bio: Digital illustrator focused on anime and game styled designs. Enjoys making crafts, mechanical keyboards, and cooking in my spare time.

Social Media: @Lu_cid_sky (twitter)


Bio: Hi, would you like to get a traditional Japanese lucky charm from us? It may bring you the fortune you need.

Social Media: @blulious (twitter)

Bio: Octo Star is an illustrator who specializes in colorful, dynamic character art. She highly recommends reading Berserk.


Bio: Main illustrator of ICECUTE Studio born in Hong Kong, lives in Boston. Currently traveling around different anime conventions and gaming tourneys selling my artwork strive to inspire other people. I have participated in the Touhou Scroll Project and Danmaku!! tabletop game.

Social Media: @freezeex (twitter) @freezeex (twitch) @freezeex2 (instagram)

Bio: Hi! I'm Bunniikitty, resin crafter and illustrator, Owner of XXTRApastel_shop on Instagram! I design unique premium handmade accessories all inspired by Japanese Pop culture, Video Games, Alternative Kawaii Fashion and even Vtubers. I also sell my illustrations in various forms of merchandise such as prints, coasters keychains, plush pillows and stickers!

Social Media: @Bunniikitty on twitter @ xxtrapastel_shop on instagram

Bio: Freelance artist based in Toronto, Canada. Comic book interior colorist for Street Fighter Comics, GI JOE vs Transformers and Marvel's Sentinel comic series.  Artist for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. I will have a wide selection of anime and video game prints and keychains available at the convention! Hope to see you all soon.

Social Media: @yanimatorArt (instagram)

Bio: The goal of Dressy Deer is to make cute and functional products people can use in their everyday lives.  My product lines includes stationery, jewelry, bags, air fresheners, keychains, pins, prints, and more!  I draw inspiration from all things cute, as well as some of my favorite fandoms and a dash of nostalgia!

Social Media: @dressy_deer (instagram) @dressydeerart (twitter)

Bio: Freelance illustrator, character designer, and professional bird enthusiast, syrren can do it all…except spell siren properly, apparently. Come for art, and stay for the fun facts about birds! 

Social Media: @syrrensong (twitter) @syrren (tumblr) @syrrensong (instagram)

Bio: Ex-sandwich artist- now full time artist! Hammling is a freelance illustrator working on fanart, original illustrations, original graphic novel "Monkey and Peach(written by David Chun) & more!

Social Media: @hammlingu (instagram) @hammlingu (twitter)

Bio: I am Alyssa, the woman behind Mystic Craft Studios.  The one who crafts and illustrates all the adorableness.  Since I was young, I have loved art, drawing and creating new things. About 10 years ago I found I loved creating crochet plushies and from there it exploded to a fun craft business with keychains, stickers, pins, plushies and my newest product milk water bottles!  Any and all support is super appreciated and thank you for following me on my journey.

Social Media: @mysticcraftstudio (instagram) Mystic Craft Studio (facebook)

Bio: Vector based prints, stickers, and pins. Art is mainly based off Genshin Impact, various anime, video games, and various memes. Check out the pride pin collection.


Bio: A digital artist hobbyist in Rochester, New York specializing in character art (especially pretty boys). I offer a variety of merchandise with my artwork: prints, stickers, pillows, buttons and more.

Social Media: @LanaluuArt (twitter) @Lanaluu.Art (instagram)

Bio: I turn videogame and anime characters into cats and cute keychains! 

Social Media: @ireneylee (twitter)


Bio: FalseDelusion is a small art studio located in Ontario, Canada. We love to draw and make anime, gaming, fluffies and scenery stuff

Social Media: @falsedelusion (instagram) @falsedelusionn (twitter) @falsedelusion (facebook)

Bio: Mainly draw cutesy stuff, fanart/original, Genshin and idol games (or anything with gacha). Art has also given me back pain and bad eye sight lol

Social Media: @hinatsukkii (twitter) @hinatsukki (instagram)"

Bio: We create super cute fanart and original enamel pins, keychains and vinyl stickers!

Social Media: @flairfighter (instagram) @flairfighter (facebook) @flairfighter (twitter) @flairfighterofficial (tiktok)

Bio: Hi! I'm a digital anime artist with prints, enamel pins and stickers of fanart from anime to video games! :)

Social Media: @saju.studios (instagram)

Bio: The caffeine of 1000 coffees runs through my veins! Kohi Bean Shop sells original merch inspired by coffee, games and anime! From keychains, prints and stickers, to plush and pillows, we pride ourselves on our high quality merch and hope you enjoy it too! Come stop by and get caffeinated! 

Social Media: @n4391 (twitter) @n_4391 (instagram)

Bio: Lisa is an artist who loves animation, videogames, and webnovels! She has a webcomic, "hello hello", and makes fanart of other interests on the side. Come talk to her about Heaven Official's Blessing or Dumb Husky!

Social Media: @parjums (twitter)

Bio: I'm Min and I love lineart, dramatic compositions, and themes.  

Social Media: @_worldformula (twitter) @worldformulae (instagram)

Bio: Here at OtterBear Studios make handmade plushies, cosplay furry tails and cute funny buttons!

Social Media: @OtterBearStudio (twitter) @OtterBearStudios (instagram)

Bio: Founded in 2018, Maruchibs Art is a venture I started of seeing how much self indulgent fanart I can make until somebody stops me. And thus far? No stopping yet! 

I mainly specialize in anime and video game fanart, from classics like Ouran Highschool Host Club and Jojos Bizarre Adventure to Genshin Impact, Jrpgs and Dating sims!

Just a wacky bundle of characters in a cute pastel style to fill your ita bags, your walls or whatever else you put your weeaboo merch. So come say hi and check out my stuff!

Social Media: @maruchibs_art (instagram) @maruchibs (twitter)

Bio: Cinnamon Witches is a 2-person studio of best friends who create fanmade illustrations of what we love! We have a lot of merchandise for fandoms such as Jojo, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, Vinland Saga, Mob Psycho, Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, Persona 5, TBHK, Miraculous Ladybug and more!

Social Media: @amandaxvictoriaart (instagram) @xoamanderrgx3 (twitter)

Bio: I create 3D pixel sculptures to fulfill all your nerdy decorating needs.  With a focus on the classic 8-bit and 16-bit eras, my work includes 3D figures, fishbowls, flowerpots, fairy bottles, and even minibead jewelry. Got a game, anime or other pop culture fandom you love? Let me build a little piece of that world for you!

Social Media: @8bitpixelvision (twitter) @8bitpixelvisions (instagram) @8bitpixelvisions (facebook)

Bio: I'm an artist who loves magical girls and JRPG's! I always make characters as colorful and vibrant as possible. I have prints, charms, and t-shirts to sell!

Social Media: @zensoko (instagram)

Bio: Easybriizy Draws is a digital artist creating colorful pieces based off of their love of video games and animation. They create both original and transformative fanart merchandise including pins, stickers, prints, keychains, and apparel.

Social Media: @easybriizydraws (instagram) @easybriizydraws (twitter)

Bio: Anime artist, vtuber fan, draw sometimes. Come by and visit and let's talk about vtubers!

Social Media: @Dr_thumt (twitter)

Bio: Hello I'm Rui! An illustrator who's very enthusiastic about manga, and recently manhwa. I have a passion for buying and making merchandise which is an endless cycle that will never let me go OTL

Social Media: @RAVEFIRELL (twitter)


Bio: We absolutely love designing and sewing you a variety of handmade, customizable and usable plushie products all of which come in a variety of patterns and colors! We are best known for our Accessorizable Wearable Octopi, our Ouchie the octopus (a heat/ice pack), our giant heating pad manta rays, heat wrap eels, our plush cacti and cactupi, and our cosplay cuties which are octopi dressed as your favorite characters! Looking for something completely custom? We’ve got you covered! You can choose accessories for your plush and we will sew them on right at Toracon! Soft. Cute. Yours.

Social Media: @fleecimals (youtube) @fleecimals (instagram) (website)

Bio: Hi! I am a small business artist based in New York with a love for cats, food, and video games. When I am not playing games like Zelda, Warcraft, Overwatch, or Animal Crossing, I am petting as many cats as I can. I love cute and vibrant images (I also have an unhealthy obsession with holographic things haha), so my stickers, prints, pins, and keychains all reflect those interests!

Social Media: @katze_blue (instagram) KatzeBlue (etsy)

Bio: We are two artists who love to draw cute and spooky art and specialize in cute boy art

Social Media: @happywhipshop (twitter) @_happywhip (etsy)

Bio: Marleni Gomez (Heyouwitheface) is a Latinx illustrator from NJ who works as a prop and character designer for Titmouse. She currently works on the Disney show Kiff! Marleni has been doing conventions for 7 years and loves traveling to cons with friends. She loves Anime, has seen every episode of the Simpsons, and eats all her veggies. 

Social Media: @heyouwitheface (instagram)


Bio: We love to draw and make cute things and chonky animal stuff! 

Social Media: @egguino (instagram)


Bio: Eternally Thirsty is back with more new cosplay accessories! Need horns? We got em! Need wings? Got that too! Come check out the vast array of items, try on anything! 

Social Media: Eternally Thirsty (facebook)

Bio:  I have many passions and love to learn. Over all my goal has been to provided a quality product that people are dreaming of but could not find just anywhere. My focus for the last 12 years has been Elf Ear Cuffs, Crowns, Antlers, Wings and Wire Work Pendants. Every day that I spend in my workshop is a joy! With my background in special FX's and product design my 2D art often takes on a tangible 3D form.

Social Media: @theimpliedline (instagram)

Bio: Teddymuffs Designs focuses on art centered around video games, my designs are based on either current popular or retro games. I strive to capture that sense of nostalgia, you never forget your early console years. I sell a wide variety of fanart and original art as Charms, Pins, Stickers, Stationary, Prints and more. My art style is very simple and cute, you'll definitely find something for every gamer, old and new, console or PC!

Social Media: @teddymuffsdesigns (instagram) @teddymuffsdesigns (facebook) @teddymuffs (twitter) @teddymuffs (tik tok) (website)

Bio: Hey there! I'm Heather, a freelance illustrator from Rochester NY. I graduated from right here at RIT and have been working on various projects ever since. I adore drawing fantastical imagery, animals and creatures, as well as some fan art here and there!

Social Media: @heatherashields (instagram)

Bio: I am an artist who primarily focuses on prints featuring fan art of games and anime, as well as some original pieces. My art features my own unique style with some variations here and there. I am available for both in person and long term commission work.

Social Media: @qiy_art (instagram)

Bio: PLAYER 1 LEVELS UP! AYBTshop is a personal passion of mine. There is not many things I am known for, but most people typically know me as a EARTHBOUND/MOTHER artist. I like niche video games that often go under the radar, bright colors and quirky design schemes. For this convention, I'm hoping to bring content that is a bit out of mainstream media. It's dangerous to go alone- Take this! ★

Social Media: @ayabit_ (twitter)  @ayabit (tumblr)  AYBTshop (etsy) AYBTshop (bigcartel)

Bio: I am an artist making work about death, dysphoria, and corporeal dissonance, while also indulging my love of clouds and sweets; my work includes original art as well as fanart of my favorite anime classics. I sell prints, stickers, hand-printed apparel, and other doodads of my paintings and drawings.

Social Media: (instagram) @rencoco_art (twitter)

Bio: Homer is Where the Heart is' is a family of artists and cosplayers who have hosted numerous panels at local conventions and have run artist alley tables as well. We offer hand crafted pins, crochet plushies, and key chains and much more.

Social Media: @homer_is_where_the_heart_is (instagram)

Bio: A comic artist that works from home in New York I'm the author of Unwritten Death serialized on WEBTOON ORIGINALS! I attend conventions to meet my readers and sell merch of my comics and fandoms I like.

Social Media: @Lavenderice (instagram) @Lavenderice (twitter)


Bio: My name is Carlos Feliciano and I am a Rochester NY based artist who has been drawing and creating since a very young age. I love bringing my favorite characters to life illustrating them with ink and alcohol markers and occasionally digitally! I only draw what I love so all my work is very meaningful to me.

Social Media: @crf_artroom (instagram) @crf_artroom (twitter)

Bio: I’m Tori from GogoUtoriArt! I am a self-taught artist from Rochester NY who works in digital and traditional mediums. I make prints, pins, keychain charms, stickers, and zines for various anime and video game fandoms as well as original works. I love to draw things based on fantasy and storytelling, and I enjoy helping other’s illustrate their stories too! I offer commissions, including digital D&D or original character designs as well as on-site traditional artwork at conventions.

Social Media: @gogoutoriart (instagram) @gogotoriart (twitter)

Bio: irisjadeirises is a digital artists who enjoys video games and anime. Her art is inspired by her favorite media which includes but not limited to: Genshin Impact, Demon Slayer, Spy x Family and Chainsaw man. She lives in Brooklyn and loves spending time at Japan Village in Industry City and Ktown!

Social Media: @irisjadeirises (instagram) @irisjadeirises (tiktok)

Bio: paprikaSTUDIOS is a chibiart studio who creates artworks of both fanart and original. We specialize in functional art so that the artwork can be used with a purpose such as keychains or pillows.

Social Media: @iprika (twitter) paprika_studios (instagram) Paprika Studios (facebook)

Bio: We make a variety of chainmaille items including but not limited to dice bags, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, dragons, owls, buts, etc. as the RIT Metalworks Club.


Bio: An illustrator that works in both traditional and digital mediums and has been influenced by fantasy, nature and pop-culture (such as anime/manga and video games). She portrays story-telling in 2D artwork with her original characters and creatures. As an RIT alumni, she occasionally likes to explore other creative verticals such as printmaking, sculpting and design as well. 

Social Media: @art_of_ai (instagram) @artworkofai (facebook) @artofai (artstation) @artofai (deviantart)

Bio: Wheatloaves specializes in all things RPG and magical! Come browse trinkets, apparel, and lifestyle goods inspired by your favorite games and anime.

Social Media: @wheatloaves (instagram)

Bio: Hello! I'm kura and I like to draw colorful fanart of Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Genshin Impact, and more!

Social Media: @kurapixel_art (twitter)