Game Shows

Host:  Jessie

Come watch some fun anime music videos and test your memory! We will be playing mini-games centered around AMVs and you will have plenty of chances to win prizes!

Host:  J.D.

Do you know the connection between "Iron Man', "Cat Burglar", "Devil Child" and "Straw Hat"? If yes, then grab two friends and take on the challenge of Anime Connect, the game show of finding connections between obscure clues! (Answer: They are all epithets of the Straw Hat Pirates)

Host: Con Mom & Larp Dad

Looking for a friend? Searching for your one soul mate? Look no further! Come join us at the cosplay dating game!

Host: The Seventh K

How well do you know your Hololivers? Test your knowledge of the various wonderful talents of Hololive in a fun trivia game show! May the best Kaigai-Niki win!

Host: Andrew K.

The classic game show returns with hundreds of new images! The game is simple: we show a screenshot from an anime and the first person to guess it correctly gets a point! The more answers you get right, the more chances to win. Everyone in the room can play so you could win a prize just by showing up!


Host: Andrew K.

It's the classic Name That Anime Image with a special twist! Rather than just being random images, they are separated into categories. Can you use the special theme to help identify the anime based on the screenshot? Prizes will be awarded by raffle, and you can even win just by showing up!

Host: AttorneyAtMusic

How well do you know your anime music? Quickly identify songs from a rapid fire avalanche of openings, endings, inserts, and even some surprises as you compete against the room for prizes and glory! Built upon a custom game engine designed to dazzle players and spectators alike, this is an anime trivia experience unlike any other!

Host: EverAfterAshleyCos

Do you think that you know the tunes to your favorite media? Find out in this fun game where participants guess the openings to their favorite cartoons, movies, musicals, and more!

Host:  Juice

Test your knowledge of video game music with this game show! From modern to retro, from AAA to indie - guess the tune for the chance to win prizes!

Host: Fengari.cos

Test your knowledge against seasoned Naruto fans. How much do you really know about our favorite knuckle-headed ninja? Your prize: the title of Biggest Naruto Nerd at Tora-Con

Host: The Green Beans

Ever wonder what it's like to be in your own Danganronpa class trial? Think you have what it takes to solve a murder? Or to get away with it yourself? Time to put your detective instincts to the test in this death panel that'll place you right in the middle of your own Danganronpa episode! Prizes will be numerous...if you survive!

Host: J.D.

From Trigun to Gundam, if there’s one thing anime fans love more than anything, it’s correcting people. Spot the wrong part of a statement and correct it for points in this hilarious game!

Host: Andrew K.

Do you know what will happen in an anime series before it happens? Let’s put that to the test! We’ll play some clips from an anime you’ve never heard of and pause it. Then, we’ll give you some ridiculous answers on what the heck happens next. One of them is right, but can you guess which one? You’ll just have to watch and find out! Everyone in the audience can play along, so be sure to bring your friends!