Guest Events 2017

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Making good looking faces in 3D can be difficult without guidance, but Digitrevx can help. Watch a live modeling demonstration and learn how to skillfully create anime-styled 3D faces.

You have heard their work in videogames and anime. You have asked them questions about voice acting all day long. Let's end the night with our all-star Voice Actors by asking some questions about anything BUT voice acting!

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A look at how the Persona game series covers concepts of Jungian psychology, world myth, gender and identity concepts, and constructing how we see the world.

Though VOCALOID has become a staple of Japanese music culture, few are aware of the technology's humble western origins. Starting with the first commercial English banks, learn about the beginnings of VOCALOID and how the future of its success as a musical phenomenon in the United States rests on shoulders Western Producers and fans just like you.

The mothers of Kill la Kill had very different philosophies when it came to raising their daughters. Join Laura Post, the voice of Ragyo Kiryuin, Erika Harlacher, the voice of Sukuyo Mankanshoku (Mako's mom), and David Vincent, the voice of Senketsu as they break down what is was like playing characters in charge of raising the series' heroines.

Watch the Chalk Twins work on completing their next masterpiece.

Learn to design new characters, stylize existing characters, and then turn them into 3D models.

David Vincent is a veteran VA who has voiced numerous unforgettable characters over the years across both video games and anime. Ask him about life in the industry and the roles he has played in this personal question and answer session.

"The End" is an original electronic opera written by Keiichiro Shibuya and feaures Japanese VOCALOID Hatsune Miku. On the surface, the opera is a surrealist wonderland filled with vague shapes and confusing imagery. Join EmpathP and dig deeper into the images and music to find just a few of many possible interpretations of the opera's message.

From slice-of-life to action to drama, Erica Lindbeck has expertly voiced a variety of characters in different contexts. This is no easy task, and now it is your chance to ask her how she does it in this personal question and answer session!

Ask whatever you'd like to know about Erika's endeavors into the magical land of voice acting -- how she got started, what her day-to-day in the job looks like, how she gets into character, and other exciting totally not cliche things like that. As someone newer to the industry she's still learning herself, so let's all learn together!

Let's take a look at Japan's fascination with monster collecting through the lens of Pokemon and Yokai Watch game series. We'll cover Edo encyclopedias, the origins of yokai lore, and how it has been transformed via modern gaming.

David Vincent talks about his work with the Fate franchise! Come show your support, discuss favorite scenes, and maybe get some sneak peaks behind the scenes from the King of Kings himself.

Discover the origins of the MikuMikuDance program and its eventual spread to become a global community. Learn the basics and find out how to use existing content for personal projects. Digitrevx applies his experience from working in the gaming industry to the creation of his own content.

Fairy tales and legends speak of humans snatched from their homes and whisked away to fantastical worlds. The Japanese term for this is -kamikakushi- or "spirited away" to describe such interactions and their consequences. Let's talk about the concept of being spirited away and how anime plays with these ideas.

Folk tales from the Muromachi period of Japanese medieval history had a major impact on themes used in Kill la Kill. Ideas from stories known as Otogi-zoshi are prevalent throughout, with core tropes either adapted or refuted. We'll explore the six main types of these stories and discuss how they connect back to the series.

Miyazaki was fond of saying he liked to build his worlds before his stories, and it shows. They have these mysterious and sacred aspects that define them and their characters. How he creates them is an interesting blend of folklore and pop thought among so many other things. Let's explore some of the ways in which mononoke -mystery- can be depicted and transformed through his works.

Translating colors and textures from designs is an involved but vital process in bringing 3D models to life. Watch a live texturing demonstration by Digitrevx, and learn how to enhance your own characters.

Ever have questions about the business side of voice acting? What does an agent do, and how do you get one? What is a "Taft-Hartley?" How do you make a demo? In this Q&A panel, Laura Post answers whatever questions you might have about the Voice Over Business.

When most people think of VOCALOID music, they picture cute and bubbly pop songs. There is another side to the VOCALOID music scene however, one which many fear to tread.
Experience the deep dark secrets of the grittier VOCALOID music scene and learn why it is so important that these ground breaking music producers deal with topics many others would find taboo.

What started as a simple idea to share Western VOCALOIDs with the United States soon grew and expanded into VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project. Join EmpathP for an hour of Q&A and learn how the project was born, how it works, and what its future might be.

Ever want to know what it is like to voice act in video games? Ever curious to know how the big names do it?  Now is your chance to hear from the professionals themselves! 

More than anything else, an idol's most important asset is their voice. Join Erica Lindbeck, Laura Post, and Erika Harlacher, the voices of Eli Ayase, Nozomi Tojo, and Erena Todo from the Love Live series as they discuss what it takes to voice an idol.

The daring Phantom Thieves of Heart bring the high-stakes capers of Persona 5 to life. Join Erika Harlacher and Erica Lindbeck, the voices of Ann Takamaki and Futaba Sakura as they talk about their work on the game and the roles they played.

VOCALOID is a synthetic vocal software developed by Yamaha that broke down the barriers to music production in Japan. Now a global phenomenon, it has given rise to sensations such as superstar virtual idol Hatsune Miku for whom concerts are held from Japan to Taiwan to Los Angeles. Even so, this just scratches the surface.
Trace the path of VOCALOID from its humble beginnings and learn about its limitless future in the world of music production.