2023 Guest Events

Host: The Chalk Twins

Stop by the Artist Alley and Vendor Hall to see the Chalk Twin's latest masterpiece be produced right before your very eyes!

Host: Shihori

Come see Shihori perform live at this concert experience you won't want to miss!

Host: Shihori

From performing her own songs along with writing lyrics and composition with other artists in Japan, Shihori will answer your questions about creating and performing music!

Host: Gianni Matragrano

Looking for Gianni's autograph? This is the time and place to get it!

Host: Gianni Matragrano

From voice acting in anime, to videogames, to podcasts, to Twitch streams, and to other videos projects, Gianni Matragrano has done it all! Check out this panel to hear how he got his start in voice acting and his roles from your favorite videos and memes!

Host: Gianni Matragrano

Do you have questions for Gianni Matragrano? This is the panel for you to ask about voice acting and all the projects Gianni Matragrano has worked on!

Host: Gianni Matragrano

It's time to play some Jackbox games with some of the guests of Tora-Con. Our guests will be bringing their best jokes along with your friends for some fun-filled games!

Host: Kia Sangria

Welcome to my sewing academia, we're SEW happy to have you. In this panel, you will learn the basics of sewing with commercial patterns to create your dream cosplays. I and my trusted panelists will talk you through how to find affordable sewing machines, affordable fabrics, how to properly read and modify patterns, and sew much more to help you transform yourself into your favorite characters! Bring a notebook and a friend because class is in session!

Host: James Landino

You saw him on Saturday night at the Live DJ Performance, now the mic is turned to you to ask James Landino questions about his projects he's worked on from animated series such as "Tower of God" and "RWBY", to a large list of popular videogame soundtracks.

Host: Charles Dunbar

"American Anime: Western Anime" has long been considered an oxymoron- anime is Japanese, so how can Western nations lay claim to it? But in the contemporary world, these lines blur more and more. This panel explores two different lines of thinking: inspirations that draw from anime style of Japanese visual culture, and the outright adaptation of style.

Host:  Charles Dunbar

Its Astro Boy, right? That series from 1963 that brought television animation to life and would go on to start the medium we call anime. Wait, it’s NOT? This panel explores animation in Japan from 1907 to 1963, when the first commercial productions appeared, tested the boundaries of the medium, were thrown back after the war, and evolved into the landmark shows of that first groundbreaking year.

Host: Charles Dunbar

Aside from starting Japan down the road to the nation we "know" from anime and samurai movies, Medieval Japan also radically changed the idea of the sacred, turning deities into demons, and blurring the lines on what a demon even is. Enter the era of the Angry Gods, when rage was prevalent and veneration had an element of fear. This panel explores this transformation through some key divinities, and how their anger added to the tumult of the times.

Hosts: DJ Justin, DJ AP

DJ James Landino will be starting off the night with a two hour set, followed by DJs Justin and DJ AP from the RIT EDM Club. Come immerse your senses in the energy of pulsing sound, flashing lights, and entrancing visualizations in this live musical event!

There will be no bags allowed into this event.