2023 Information Panels

Host: Kasey Bower

Come hear a brief overview of how Pokémon has changed since the series went 3D. Warning: This panel will contain spoilers for Scarlet and Violet!

Host: Ryan Spencer

Ever wonder what anime conventions looked like before the domination of Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia? What about before Toonami and online streaming? Join us as we take a look through the experience of what it was like to attend anime conventions throughout the years.

Host: Danny Schuhmacher

Fan of Studio Ghibli? Crying because you’ve seen all of the movies and can never re-live the same joy and wonder that you received on your initial viewing? Well, we have news for you! Join Danny Schumacher as he discusses the directors and films defining the new era of Japanese animated pictures! Here, you’ll learn about the wide world of animated films outside of Ghibli and maybe find a new favorite along the way.

Host: Hannah

Do you like enamel pins? Do you have an interest in Disney? Stop by this panel to learn about the history of Disney pins, the different terms used to describe a pin’s rarity, and the proper etiquette for trading. The last ten minutes of this panel will be reserved for trading pins, so feel free to bring yours to trade with other attendees.

Host: Crystal & Natalia

Crystal and Natalia will be going over history of BIPOC individuals in the world of cosplay and other nerdy hobbies!

Host: Marshmallow

You may have heard or know what a "furry" is, but do you know the fandom and community behind it? In this panel, you'll learn all about the furry fandom and have any questions you may have answered.

Host: Riley Gray

After spending much of my teenage years disparaging the Kingdom Hearts series for its ‘goofy’ content, I approached it in good faith as an adult and learned to love it. I will share my experience and recommendations for anyone who might be interested in giving this series a shot but thinks they may have missed the boat to try it.

Host: Kiminomimi_cosplay

What's the difference between ASL and ESL? How do you get started? Who's Gallaudet? What's the difference between 'Deaf' and 'deaf'?
Come learn the basics of ASL from a second-year interpreting student.

Hosts:  Benjamin Allen, Devon Price

First time? Conventions can be crazy and confusing events, but we’re here to help! Join Tora-Con veteran con-goers Ben Allen & Devon Price for all the things you'd want to know: Where to find the best food, what goes into a good cosplay repair kit, how to find your way around the campus, what the biggest events and panels are, how to keep safe and healthy, and so much more...plus a chance to win some free anime goodies in our Survival Quiz at the end! See you there!

Host: Jessie and Adam

Jessie and Adam are bringing back their panel about how to spend as little yen as possible when traveling to the golden land of anime. They have spent time both visiting and living in Japan, and have developed many tips for saving money in the process. With careful planning, your dream vacation could become a reality!

Host: Reika

See how a multitude of anime used Japanese folklore as inspiration. You might be surprised how different the Youkai of your favorite anime are from the folktales that inspired them.

Host: Alex D.

What IS a Kirby? Where does Kirby come from? Find out as we explore the lore of the Kirby series and the history of Dreamland!

Host: Aidan Horvath

Cohost: Sydney Tannenbaum and Nicole Warren

Come join us as we go through every single villager from the Animal Crossing franchise and place them on a tier list. We all have our favorites from the game, but yours is at least a C+

Host: kingfishercosplay

Do you like taking cool photos of your cosplays & exploring your local area? Consider location shoots! We'll discuss tips, tricks, & spots around Rochester & the Monroe County area.

Host: Nana Darling

An informational chat about body positivity as it relates to cosplay.

Host: Allister Jones

"Omae wa mou shindeiru." One of the most influential manga of all time, Fist of the North Star, turns 40 this year! Let's look back on the franchise's history and celebrate what's in store.

Host: bonniecanuck

Have you ever been curious about where your favorite anime is set in Japan or different variants of your favorite Japanese dish? From Aomori to Yamaguchi, learn about Japan's 43 prefectures and eight regions and what makes them distinct from each other in this interactive panel. Maybe you'll find a destination to add to a Japan trip itinerary!

Host: nikadoesanart

Kafka Asagiri, author of Bungo Stray Dogs, has a goldmine of a Twitter. From burnt slippers to a broken phone screen, come see the gems that are Asagiri's Twitter posts.

Host: Toby Youngman

Have you ever wanted to paint minis for tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or Warhammer 40K? No idea where to start? No problem! Join longtime hobbyist Toby Youngman in this introduction to the mini painting hobby as he explains the tools and techniques needed to create miniature worlds of your own! Stop by if you want to bring your D&D games to the next level!

Host: Nick

Youve seen the shows, now let me explain the lore. Come see the insane ramblings of Dan from Dan Vs. as he tries to piece together the plot of the many Tora-Con Cosplay Chess performances.

Host: AnimeAdjacent

The world of manga has so much to offer, and as it grows so do we in our understanding of what the medium has to offer. Whether you are new to manga or an avid reader, join for a short but passionate talk about the culture and complexities of manga and why you should be reading more today!

Host: Callum

Do you know what the fruit economy, beetles, rock people, and the number 4 have to do with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? Neither do we. Come explore JoJo part 8 with us and we try to decipher the mad ramblings of Hirohiko Araki.

Host: Toby Youngman

What is Warhammer 40K? What is a space marine? Why is everybody wearing pauldrons? And why is everyone so mad at each other? Come join best friends and hobbyists Toby and Logan as they lead you on a Grim and Dark (TM) journey through the 41st Millenium. Here you’ll learn about the history, the setting, and the factions of a game that has captured the minds (and wallets) of nerds across the globe! Don’t miss out, or the Inquistion WILL find you.

Host: Nick

The sequel nobody asked for! Come watch the people who ranked Fire Emblem correctly rank the next most popular series. See why Nagito is in S tier!