2022 Major Events

Welcome to Tora-Con! You’ve got a big day ahead of you. Start it off right by learning what’s in store for this year’s con: from which big guests are joining us to which panels we’re looking forward to. Our staff will be here to answer your curious convention questions as well!

AMV editors from both our local area and around the world show off their best anime edits and compete for your vote! Many will enter but only few will win the various category awards, or be the sole winner of the prestigious Best in Show award! Winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies.

Tora-Con’s most dedicated cosplayers take the stage! Join us as we revel in a display of incredible costumes and performances in the ultimate test of cosplay for both veterans and newcomers alike. Winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies.

Contestants perform their favorite Japanese songs- from J-Rock to Anisong and beyond- live on stage, but only one will earn the title of Tora-Con Idol! Join the audience to witness the spectacular performances and vote for your favorites. Winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies.

As we conclude the event, we’ll look back on what made it a blast. We’ll reveal the winners from our various contests, commend those people who make Tora-Con happen, and also give a sneak peek at what we have planned for next year!

Check back later for new announcements!