Major Events

Saturday and Sunday

View the showcase of this year's best anime music video submissions and vote to decide the top entries in a number of categories as well as the best in show!

Winners will be announced during closing ceremonies.


The best cosplayers of Tora-Con take the stage! Revel in a display of incredible cosplay and stagecraft in the ultimate test of cosplay craftsmanship and performance.

Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the contest.


The finalists of the Idol Singing Contest perform their favorite Japanese songs live on stage, but only one will earn the title of Tora-Con Idol! Join the audience to witness the spectacular performance and vote for your favorites!

Winners will be announced at closing ceremonies.

Saturday (18+) and Sunday

In this show where everything's made up and the points don't matter, participants improvise their way through various scenes inspired by the hit comedy phenomenon "Whose Line is it Anyway?" but with an anime twist! Join the audience for a chance to jump in, or just kick back and enjoy every last laugh!

Saturday and Sunday

Kiritsugu kills a god, then Eileen the Crow exacts revenge on him and then sits down to have a nice cup of tea with Joseph Joestar! These are only some of the crazy things that have happened before in Tora-Con's Cosplay Chess Show.

The Cosplay Chess Show is a fully scripted performance performed by members of the RIT Cosplay Troupe. Months in the making, their members have scripted and practiced a comedic performance between popular characters and franchises.

Check out the RIT Cosplay Troupe on Facebook

Saturday (18+) and Sunday

Watch your favorite characters ignite the burning flames of love in the Cosplay Dating Game! Your hosts Epicpaopu and MamaPetra are back again to see if you have what it takes to make the date in this hilarious cosplay improv show.

Join the crowd for a chance to play in either the all ages or 18+ edition!

Check out the official Cosplay Dating Game Facebook page!