Panels and meetups are an important part of the Tora-Con community. Many staple events are panels and meetups run by our registered attendees!

Panels come in many forms: informational talks, game shows, competitions, workshops, discussions, and more! Every year we accept a wide variety of panels and meetups covering different aspects of anime, Japanese, and nerd pop culture. Meetups are a great way to organize fellow members of your favorite fandom! By arranging a meetup, we will provide a space for these fans to spend time with friends and make new ones while discussing their shared interests.

Please contact our Panels Coordinator if you have any questions.

Panels applications will remain open until March 26, 2017 11:59 pm EST.

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Panel Application

Applications for 2017 are closed.

Anime is unofficially 100 years old! Let's take a look at the beginnings and discover how anime became what we know it as today.

You think you're funny? 8 players compete to see who is truly the laughingstock in custom sessions of the hit party-game Quiplash with prompts based on anime, gaming, and other trash. Come for prizes, stay for the ensuing comedy!

A look into how Star Wars not only influenced an entire culture but also how culture and society influenced Star Wars.

Too many ninjas and gundams? Come learn the ancient art of wearing kimono! Learn how to properly tie the obi, the meanings of different fabric patterns, and so much more!

From the makers of the Persona series, Cathrine is a high intensity block pushing and platforming action puzzle game with competitive multiplayer. Come join in for a chill competition to climb Catherine's perilous towers. 

Signups are for the first 20 minutes of the event and first come, first serve. The winner will receive an Amazon Gift Card. Players of all skill levels and Persona fans are encouraged and welcome!

A comedy show where contestants compete to tell the best fanfiction. Round 1 has contestants bring prepared pieces. Round 2 has contestants take audience suggestions and write on the spot!

Body image and cosplay go hand in hand. While it's true that cosplay is for everyone, it can feel less than true at times. Join plus size cosplayer Blue Eyed Fairy and share your own experiences. Hopefully, we can all embrace our body types and gain some CONfidence!

Having trouble making that awesome sword? Don't know how to make the prop con appropriate? Not even sure where to start? What is a prop anyways? That's what we are here to answer and more. Come to Cosplay 105: Props and Accessories where we can help you start on your next project and all within a reasonable budget and not too much extra work. We will work you from concept to design, materials, and some tips and tricks to make your props amazing and long lasting without breaking the bank.

How do race, gender, and other aspects of the self play a role in the way we cosplay? In this panel, we will be discussing how intersectionality affects the cosplay community and how to make the cosplay world more inclusive. Anyone interested in respectful discussion of the cosplay world and inclusivity is welcome to voice an opinion.

First-time cosplayer and you have zero to little money? College student who needs cosplays done on a budget? Grab a ramen cup and come join our panel! We will help you get what you need done!

In this introductory course, you'll learn all the basics you'll need to start cosplaying!

A panel for writers and artists alike. Author/Illustrator Rose Catherine Khan discusses the process of building a believable fantasy world and the path to indie publication.  

A panel in which we are dads.

Be horrified, confused, or amused as we read from a range of pre-selected stories in the weird, the bad, and the so-bad-it's good from the wonderful world of fanfiction.

What makes a good dub? In this panel, we will spend time examining some of the good, bad, and the worst dubs of anime and analyzing what makes them the way they are. 

Have you seen someone in a mascot costume running around and wanted to know more? Learn about fursuits, what they are, and the basics of how to act in them.

Want to save some money and shelf space? Buying your manga digitally is a great way! We’ll walk you through how to get manga for half the price (or less!) of print versions. If you’ve never bought digital manga before, or you're looking for tips on getting great deals, we’ll cover it all!

A panel examining the past, present and future of the Power Rangers franchise.

We'll be looking at over 50 potential princesses from Disney history to determine why some achieved the title of Official Disney Princess and others didn't. Which characters just barely missed the cut? Which former princess had her title revoked? Come by to find out!

We'll be discussing the finer details of the Universal Century of Mobile Suit Gundam from historical events, famous Mobile Suits used, and prominent figures (Newtype or otherwise). Please bring any questions you might have.

Have you ever been interested in watching Gundam, but never really sure what it was about or where to begin? Well then this panel will help you find your way on the path of the iconic giant robot series.

We're back again this year and bringing more fun. Come join us at the world meeting, ask your favorite nations questions, laugh, and enjoy the madness.

Have you ever played a D&D campaign with a character you just couldn't get into? Have you ever had multiple characters in one campaign who all felt the same? Well, with this panel, I hope to help out people with these issues and more!

Join Johnny Bravo and his panel of experts as they give you some of the best dating advice of your life.

Have you ever wondered what happens after an anime ends? Welcome to the multi-fandom speculation panel where we discuss theories and procedures for when your waifu or husbando get their very own happily ever after.

Are you as lewd as you think you are? Coming back for its second year in a row, Identify the H is a game show where contestants will guess on whether the shown video/audio clips are from 18+ H content or just really suggestive scenes from anime. Come join the fun and get a chance to win some fabulous lewd prizes.

Join us for an introduction to creating props and prosthetics for cosplay. We will cover several different techniques and show you where to find help and support as well as answer questions.

Curious about girl love in anime or just want to meet fellow Yuri fans? This is the panel for you.

We breakdown all eight parts of the legendary JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

Join award winning and international bestselling authors Nathan Squiers and Megan J.Parker as they discuss storytelling fundamentals and techniques for polishing your individual writing voice.

Join members of RIT's Art House in creating an original, audience-assisted anime from scratch! You will be able to aid in deciding important elements like character design, plot structure, and setting, and watch as members of RIT's artist community illustrate them before your very eyes!

Are you trying to find the real meaning of life? Maybe you just need to kill an hour at the con. We understand. We’ve been there too. We are the Mind Magicians, and we can help. We will teach you ancient secrets, magical spells, fashion advice, and perhaps some managerial tips for your business.

The classic game show returns for another year with an all new set of images! It’s simple: we show a screenshot from an anime, and the first person to guess it correctly wins a ticket! The more answers you get right, the more chances to win! We’ll have hundreds of screenshots without repeating any anime! Everyone in the room can play so you could win a prize just by showing up!

Theme songs are an awesome part of the anime experience, but just how well can you remember what you've heard? Identify songs from among hundreds of series faster than anyone else for prizes and musical glory!

This game show will run once Saturday, and once Sunday, with an entirely different selection each day!

This game is simple: we play a song from a cartoon, and you guess what it is from! Ranging from the Silver Age of cartoons to present time, everyone is sure to recognize their favorites!

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Black Butler! This discussion panel will cover everything from new releases to fan theories in a open format.

How in the world could someone learn complex idol dances? We at OTONOKI STARS, a Love Live! dance cover group, are returning for our second year to show you just how easy it is to dance! We will be performing and demonstrating the dances of "Happy Maker", "START:DASH", and "Music S.T.A.R.T". It's a perfect stepping stone for any dancer or idol fan!

Have you ever imagined being on a game show where you could win a new car or exotic vacation? Well keep dreamin’ cause that’s not gonna happen here.

BUT if you're anime trash like us, looking to win cool prizes...THEN COME ON DOWN~! Similar to "The Price is Right," contestants will be randomly picked from the audience for chances to play mini games, win the best animu prizes and, yes, spin that giant freakin’ wheel.

Do you consider yourself a wrestling fan? Are you getting tired of the same old nonsense every Monday night? Well, there are alternatives! Look no further than Japan for some of the best pro wrestling in the world! This panel will cover major companies such as New Japan Pro Wrestling. If you're already a fan of "Puroresu", let this be an opportunity to learn more about wrestling in Japan!

Do you like bad fanfiction? Do you like getting candy? Do like reading weird Naruto x CSI: Miami stories abandoned 6 years ago? Listen to and read the best sections of the worst fanfictions the Internet can dredge up. 100% guaranteed to make you ask why we exist in such a flawed world.

Do you want to market your cosplays but don't know where to start? Join us and learn how to get noticed online.

Ben “Theguesst” and Alexis “Protomagicalgirl”, two speedrunners with tons of marathon and Games Done Quick experience, will be showcasing speedrunning as a hobby that anyone can get into! Learn how to go fast in games and test the bounds, or lack thereof, of speedrunning. Features a live demo and a competitive race to show off the fun side of a niche hobby.

Come learn how to step up your cosplay game! We'll talk about choosing fabric, fitting your own pieces, the importance of wigs, and transitioning from novice to journeyman.

Here comes a thought... The Steven Universe Fan Panel is here again and being run by yours truly, Sardonyx! With all the juicy new information that you lovely humans have witnessed this past year, I know you must have questions you are dying to ask! So come on by and ask your little hearts away, the Crystal Gems shall be waiting.

Learn the important skills needed to properly develop your own stories and captivate your audience.

Saturday at Tora-Con was great. Sunday is going to be phenomenal! Wake up early and board the hype train as we break down all of Sunday's awesome events!

We're not sure who these two mysterious posing men are but they'll be talking about JoJo and how part three is more popular than part two as well as their discrepancies with it. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

Professor Verdigris Wetware presents a collection of lovingly preserved and functionally restored 19th-century electrotheraputic medical devices for your edification and experience.

While the Master Violet Ray Device, Electreat Mechanical Heart, Davis & Kidder Patent Magneto-Electric Machine, Auto-Kure Medical Battery, Sheldon Vibrator, and Bunnel Faradic equipment are pretty well guaranteed not to cure your catarrh, phthisis, dropsy, hysteria, or neurasthenia, you are guaranteed to find interacting with them to be...stimulating.

Returning for its second year, we will dive once more into the weirdness of Japan with some returning stories and more of a focus on yokai.

Film, folklore, and literature have often spoken about the asylums of the Victorian era. But, the reality might not be exactly what you have been given to expect. Why did they come into existence? What did their founders think they would accomplish, and how? Who went there, and what did they do while there? And, can we learn anything from them of meaning to us today? Professor Verdigris Wetware, MS, MD, the Medical Superintendent of the Mechanicsburg Asylum for the Wrathful and Sullen (and Consultant to the County Home for the Inconvenient), will take you on a tour of the idea that was the asylum.

Interested in Japanese fashion such as lolita fashion, kawaii decora, and more?! Learn about Japanese kawaii culture to spread your kawaii magic everywhere!

Are you a psychic? Do you know what will happen in an anime series before it happens? Let’s put that to the test! We’ll play some clips from an anime you’ve never heard of and give you some ridiculous answers. One of them is right, but can you guess which one? You’ll just have to watch and find out! Everyone in the audience can play along, so be sure to bring your friends! 

How well do you think you know your anime? Can you figure out which series is being described using only a poorly written summary and some crappy stock photos that we found on the Internet? If the answer is "yes", you may have bigger problems than this silly game show!

We provide the situation. You provide the actors. In this fun improv game, members of the audience are chosen to act out situations in character with situations provided by the Wheel of Cosplay.

It’s the trivia game where you don’t need to know the right answer. Just make a random guess and you could win! This year, all of the questions will be based around anime shown on TV during Saturday morning cartoons! This is a team-based game where we’ll ask a question with a numerical answer, and based on the answers given you’ll place your wager chips on the answer you think could be right! Teams will be formed at the panel (no sign-up required) and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia is the go-to source for Monster GIrl information and descriptions. Learn more about Monster Girls and their world and join the discussion. We will have some physical copies of the first volume of the Encyclopedia itself to look over during the panel, and some people may even get to take them home.

Were you drawn in by the recent Dark Side of Dimensions movie or perhaps are an older player wanting to get back into the game? Do do you just play Duel Links, or are a Magic player looking for something new? Regardless of where you're coming from, join us to learn how to play this long-running children's trading card game!

What is Yuri!!! on Ice and why has it been so successful? Why do real life figure skaters love it? What inspired it, and what is it inspiring people to do now?