Host: 1-2-5

1-2-5 is an emerging anime cover band from Buffalo, New York! Come to a live performance of some all-time anime opening favorites and classics!

Host: Katherine

Come watch an exciting show filled with talented performers dancing to all your favorite Asian pop culture songs including K-pop, J-pop, Vocaloid, and Idol dances! This is not a contest but a showcase for fun comprised of dancers of all skill levels that have signed up beforehand to perform on stage for you. So bring your penlights and glow sticks if you have them! Wotagei calls are welcome and cheer on your dancers!

Host: Amogus Tanjyoubi

Listen to Asian Kung-Fu Generation's hit songs in celebration of their 25th anniversary, as well as other songs from anime such as Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, and Erased.

Host: RIT Cosplay Troupe

Drama! Action! Suspense! A staple at Tora-Con since it began, dedicated performers from the RIT Cosplay Troupe put on the ultimate crossover show featuring characters from anime, games, and beyond battling to the death. Only one king can come out victorious!


Rochester's one and only traditional Japanese drumming group will be performing a selection of traditional and contemporary songs. Feel the spirit of taiko!