EmpathP (Aki Glancy) is a musician, illustrator, voice actress, and Vocaloid producer from the United States. She has consulted independently with numerous Vocaloid production companies to create original demos for their software and is the designer and illustrator for the English Celtic Vocaloid AVANNA's character. Through her self-produced music and art studio "Empathy Studios," and her special concert project "VOCAMERICA," her wish is to spread the love for this amazing type of music and technology across the United States.

CircusP is a Western music producer specializing in VOCALOIDs and other vocal synths. Best known for his electronic styles of music, his works are characterized by their combination of melancholic themes and catchy beats. Most notably, his song “Ten Thousand Stars” was given the honor of winning the 2016 Miku Expo song writing contest and was performed in front of audiences around the world. When he’s not working on solo projects, he can be found collaborating and conspiring with fellow VOCALOID producers such as EmpathP, nostraightanswer, and others.

Wielding his signature brand of humor, Uncle Yo returns to the stage. Panel leader, emcee, playwright, storyteller, puppeteer, podcaster, solar wizard, and more, he combines long-form stories with motivational rhyming couplets as part of his signature "rantcore" style and leaves his audiences laughing.

An extraordinary pair of artists, the Chalk Twins are reknowned for their anime-themed chalk murals of epic proportions. Having travelled the world in pursuit of artistic mastery, they are a regular installment at conventions and events across the country where they produce massive chalk masterpieces live!

Check out the incredible work they've done at Tora-Con in the past:
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

They can be followed on their website and on Twitter @chalktwins

A certified scholar of Japanese pop-culture and the global sensation it has become, Charles Dunbar stands at the forefront of the study of anime. With a decade of convention experience, his panels introduce enthusiasts to a side of anime, games, mythology, and fandom that they may never have considered before.

He can be followed on his website, on Facebook

Best known for his popular YouTube videos analyzing anime narratives and aesthetics in-depth, Digibro also has a prolific presence as a vlogger, podcaster, and writer. Sometimes called "The Otaku Gonzo Journalist", he writes about anime from a deeply personal and vastly knowledgeable perspective. He is a diehard defender of subjective critique, anime about cute girls, and everything Hiroyuki Imaishi has ever done. He has also created brutal takedowns of Sword Art Online, as well as love-letters to anime like K-On, Evangelion, Shirobako, Hunter x Hunter, and Ghost in the Shell.

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