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An extraordinary pair of artists, the Chalk Twins are renowned for their chalk murals of epic proportions. Traveling the world in pursuit of artistic mastery, they are a regular installment at conventions and events across the country where they produce massive chalk masterpieces live. The Chalk Twins are truth in advertising – they are twins, and they work together with soft pastel chalk. When you see them, we encourage you to get down low and talk to them. They would be glad to answer questions and talk about art, geeky stuff, twin stuff – whatever you like. They don't bite. We promise.

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A certified scholar of Japanese pop-culture and the global sensation it has become, Charles Dunbar stands at the forefront of the study of anime. With a decade of convention experience, his panels introduce enthusiasts to a side of anime, games, mythology, and fandom that they may never have considered before. He can be followed on his website and on Facebook.

Mangoloo of Labinnak and Mangoloo Cosplays is a professional cosplayer based out of Virginia who has been cosplaying since early 2014. Over the years she has strived for finding unique and more detailed ways of bringing her favorite characters to life. Her ambitious cosplays such as her Borderlands Tiny Tina or RWBYlands cosplay have won her craftsmanship rewards at over 20 events including New York Comic Con, RTX and Baltimore Comic Con. Overall she aims to promote positivity to the cosplay community - such as through hosting community events and sharing her knowledge in cosplay with new creators. You can follow Labinnak and Mangoloo Cosplays on Facebook and Twitter.

Destinyamber is a cosplayer from Syracuse, NY who loves dressing up as her favorite characters from anime, video games, and tokusatsu. She has judged several local cosplay contests and loves seeing other’s creations.

Rabbit in the Moon Cosplay is a master level craftsman and Western New York native who has been active in the cosplay community since 2001. She has been competing in and judging cosplay competitions across the country for the last decade. When she isn't busy sewing, crafting armor, or forging weapons, she enjoys watching anime (especially Macross), playing video games, collecting dice, and caring for her prized giant koi fish!