Having spent the last decade training in theatre, film, improv, and voice acting, Erica has risen to voice numerous notable characters including Eli Ayase from "Love Live!", Kaori Miyazono from "Your Lie in April", Magilou from "Tales of Berseria", Ema Skye from the "Ace Attorney" series, Anemone from "Nier: Automata", and Futaba Sakura in the upcoming "Persona 5".

She can be followed on Twitter @ericalindbeck

An award-winning voice actor and producer, David Vincent has given voice to many iconic charcters across games and anime including Senketsu from "Kill la Kill", Gilgamesh from the "Fate" series, Grimmjow from "Bleach", Richard from "Tales of Graces", Jin Kisaragi and Hakumen from the "Blazblue" series, and Robin from the "Fire Emblem" series. In addition to voice acting, he has made numerous appearances on prime time TV shows as a guest star.

You can follow him on his Facebook page and on Twitter @davidvincentva, and even join his fanclub

A talented voice actress, Erika Harlacher has played various iconic roles including Ami Kawashima in "Toradora!", Erena Todo in "Love Live!", Kurapika in "Hunter x Hunter", Elizabeth Liones in "The Seven Deadly Sins", and Princess Asseylum in "Aldnoah.Zero". She also has multiple notable video game roles, including Kyoko Kirigiri in the "Danganronpa" series and Ann Takamaki in the much-anticipated Persona 5.

She can be followed on Twitter @ErikaHarlacher

A voice actress with numerous iconic roles, Laura Post is the voice of Nozomi Tojo from "Love Live!", Ragyo Kiryuin from "Kill la Kill", Diana Cavendish from "Little Witch Academia", Blizzard (Fubuki) from "One Punch Man" and Miki Okudera in the upcoming dub of "Your Name" among many others. Not just limited to anime, she has also given voices to game characters including Arfoire from the Neptunia series, Valentine from Skullgirls, and Ahri from League of Legends.

She can be followed on Twitter @LauraPostVoice

A certified scholar of Japanese pop-culture and the global sensation it has become, Charles Dunbar stands at the forefront of the study of anime. With a decade of convention experience, his panels introduce enthusiasts to a side of anime, games, mythology, and fandom that they may never have considered before.

He can be followed on his website, on Facebook, and on Twitter @Studyofanime

An extraordinary pair of artists, the Chalk Twins are reknowned for their anime-themed chalk murals of epic proportions. Having travelled the world in pursuit of artistic mastery, they are a regular installment at conventions and events across the country where they produce massive chalk masterpieces live!

Check out the incredible work they've done at Tora-Con in the past:
2014, 2015, 2016

They can be followed on their website and on Twitter @chalktwins

An expert 3D artist, animator, and game developer, Digitrevx has worked on stunning 3D projects for companies all over the world. He is also an avid creator of 3D models for fan-favorite characters and through a series of panels and workshops, he's excited to share his knowledge on modeling, animation, and development.


He can be followed on Twitter @Digitrevx

EmpathP (Aki Glancy) is a musician, illustrator, voice actress, and Vocaloid producer from the United States. She has consulted independently with numerous VOCALOID production companies to create original demos for their software and is the designer and illustrator for the English Celtic VOCALOID AVANNA's character. Through her self-produced music and art studio "Empathy Studios", her wish is to spread the love for this amazing type of music and technology across the United States.

The manager of VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project, she and her team have worked hard for years to make the dream of a western VOCALOID concert series a reality. You'll have the chance to see it for yourself right here at Tora-Con 2017!

She can be followed on Twitter @AkiGlancy

We still have more guest announcements to make for Tora-Con 2017!