Want to know when and where all the awesome stuff will be happening at Tora-Con 2018? The Conbook and Schedule is what you need!


There are 3 great options on how you can view this info; Mobile App, Website, and Printed conbook and schedule!


Mobile App

Our new 2018 mobile app is now available! It contains the full schedule, maps, and latest information! The app will be updated as we approach the convention and will be updated during the convention for any last-minute changes to the schedule. You can also build your own custom schedule and rate events! Updates throughout the convention will also be posted on the “Activity Stream.”

How to Download:
Step 1: Download and install the “Attendify App” from the links below or here.
    When downloading/installing it may notify you for “in-app transactions.” There are no additional charges within the Tora-Con mobile app.

Step 2: Search for “Tora-Con”.

Step 3: Click the Join button.

Step 4: Create your Attendify profile

Step 5: Enjoy!


Customize & Personalize the Mobile App!

  • Unfortunately, any accounts from the Tora-Con 2017 app can not transfer into the Attendify App. If you create one within the Attendify App, you can re-use it for future conventions!

  • If you do create an account, you can also post on the “Activity Stream.” It’s a mini-social media platform where you can post and chat with other attendees during the convention!

  • Only e-mail, password and name fields are required for account creation. You do NOT need to use your real name or provide any other personal information.

    • All information in the “Contact Info” is publicly shown.

    • “Position”, “Company”, “Location”, & “Bio” information is also publicly shown along with a photo if you choose to attach one.

  • Any/all of your Attendify profile information can be edited after being created.

  • You can disable Push Notifications, Sounds, and Private Messages from within the Settings menu.



Based on the same platform as the mobile app, we also have a web version available if you don’t want to install the app.

You can view it now at:


Note that some features may be more limited in the website version. Additionally, it was designed for mobile devices and may not function perfectly on tablets or home computers.


The website will be updated as we approach the convention and will be updated during the convention for any last-minute changes to the schedule.


Printed Conbook & Schedule

As always, a printed conbook and schedule will be available when you pick-up your badge at Tora-Con 2018.


This year we will be printing the schedules on 11x17 size paper. With our Saturday schedule becoming so large, we needed to add another building to our convention line-up! The floorplan for the Vendors/Artists Alley will also be located on the Sunday-side of the schedule as well. Due to this larger paper size, you may not be able to print this off ahead of time at your home computer. We recommend that you check out the Mobile App or our website version for a look at the upcoming schedule for Tora-Con 2018! 

If you would like to have a look before the con, here is the Tora-Con 2018 conbook and print schedule.