Cosplay Showcase


Thank you to everyone who submitted to cosplay showcase! The gallery is available to view here.


Since we can’t see all the fun costumes in person during Tora-Connect 2021, we will be holding a non-judged online event instead. We will be presenting all of the costumes submitted during our Cosplay Showcase Panel and during breaks in our live stream. These images will also be placed on our website for a limited time for viewing.

Cosplay submissions will have no restrictions on whether it's a quick closet cosplay, a purchased outfit or one that is handmade. We only ask that you abide by the below rules when submitting and if the content of your images is deemed inappropriate, we will let you know so you can resubmit them.


  • The costume should be related to anime, manga, video games, live-action productions or Japanese culture in some fashion.
  • Only one submission per person will be allowed.
  • Entrants will need to submit 5 images with the requirements listed below.
  • A character reference image from the source material, a full front image of the costume, a full back image of the costume, an action pose and two close ups decided by the entrant.
  • Submission for images and the form to do so will be open from 12/01/2020 until 03/10/2021. Any submissions after this date will not be accepted.

All images must also adhere to the following restrictions:

  • Simple lighting, such as a single spotlight or natural lighting.
  • No digital manipulation such as lighting effects, distortions, or compositing. Color correction is allowed. Try to keep things as simple as possible.
  • The background should be as close to a basic neutral color as possible to better show off the costume. Outdoor shots are acceptable as long as they can help show off the costume.
  • No greenscreens for digital backgrounds.
  • Image size should be at least 800x1200 pixels.

Content Restrictions:

  • No Nudity - This includes any depiction of nude genitalia, buttocks, or breasts.
  • No written language in the image above a PG rating.
  • No actions or gestures in the image above a PG rating.
  • No symbols and costumes depicting or associated with discrimination, harassment, or hate groups.


The deadline for Tora-Connect Cosplay Showcase has passed.